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Voice Coaches Radio #415 – We Failed! – The February Round Up

Voice Coaches Radio. Everything voiceover. And welcome into this week's edition of Voice Coaches Radio. I am Josh, he is Sam, and as always, we are delighted to have you joining us here. Sam, how we doing? Josh, I'm doing great. And Josh, how are you doing? You know what? I can't complain. I mean, I can complain.

I won't complain. You could complain. I do complain. Let's be honest. Yes, I do. That's kind of my, uh, my go to. Your M. O. Yes. I kvetch. Kvatch, Kvatch, Kvatch. But you do it so well, you know, it's, you're complaining, it's comedy. Oh, well, I'm, mystery loves company, you know. It does, and you make a good time out of it for all.

Well, I'm glad I could be so altruistic. So giving. So giving. So, you know, um, No joking, all joking aside, it's March. It is. It's March. We are in the month of March. We've made it. Uh, which means it's almost springtime. Almost. Uh, not close enough, but yes, it is approaching the springtime. Uh, but it also means that we have a chance to look back upon the month it was and look ahead towards the month that is.

So we made some goals. We made some, um Goals, yep, I, I, we made goals, uh, for the month of January, and I think we both did pretty well. Yes, we did. Pretty well on those. Uh, we made goals for the month of February, and it is now time to see how we did on those. How did we do? Yeah, let's talk about that, Josh.

Yeah, so. Do you, do you want to go first? Do you want me to go first? I will start, I'm happy to do that, so. Please, please, please, go ahead, my, be my guest. So, the month of January was all about, Preparation. Getting the website updated, getting my demo redone, getting my collateral business cards and things like that.

Uh, and I, uh, I passed that evaluation with flying colors. The month of February was about getting to work. It was about, uh, I believe I said I wanted to reach out to ten companies, uh, in the month of February and, uh, and, you know, just start getting the word out there, start telling more people that this is something I do.

Uh And? So about that, um, I have told people I've been telling people, uh, I have not given out a single business card and, uh, I have talked to zero companies. So I'm going to go ahead and grade this month of February as an F for February and for freaking disaster. I did not, uh, did not really hit my goals.

Um, um, Remotely. I fell flat on my face. Uh, February, not. You know what? It's not fair because the month of, it's a shorter month. It's a short, I didn't have as much time. If I had had those three extra days, if there were 31 days in February, I would have crushed this. You would have killed it. But, uh, but there's not, there's 28 and like four of those 28 days I had the flu.

So that, uh, that didn't help, uh, matters when I was laid up in, in bed. That is, however, just an excuse. Uh, and, um. Little disappointed in myself, could've done better, should've done better, will do better. Um, so, uh, so yeah, so there's my recap. Hopefully you did, uh, did better than I did. Well, well, did I, Josh?

Did I do better than you? I feel good about this. Yeah, you know, uh, so, I, in For me, the month of February, I made some goals about kind of getting my production work in order, like revamping some stuff, building some new collateral material, which I've desperately needed to do for a long time, because what I have is a little outdated and a little, you know, haphazard.

It's not, it's not very focused right now, and I, I, I think I told one person in the month of February. Was it, was it me? It was you, and it was Josh. I think the only person I talked to was Josh in this moment in the studio, otherwise I'm a recluse in a cave. Fair, fair. I, actually, no, actually it was the moment my car broke down, my, uh, I had to get a new alternator, new battery.

And I, uh, dropped it off one morning before work and I took an Uber from work to, or from the garage to work. And this Uber driver was like the friendliest, most talkative. He was like, Hey, how you doing? Welcome to my car. Yeah. Why don't you sit in the back? And he was like the friendly, he was the best. I wish I could remember his name right now.

Otherwise I'd be like, Hey, take him as an Uber driver. Was he from Brooklyn? He was Italian. He had like a thick New York Italian accent. It was great. I was like, wow, this is like in a movie. And he's like, so what do you do, Sam? What do you do? What are you up to? What's your job? And I told him, and he's like, wow.

And I was talking about voice coaches, and he was really, really intrigued about the program. And he's like, hey, you got a business card? And I'm like, uh, uh, business, um, let me, let me check here, uh, I have a post it note and a Sharpie. Let's, uh, let's do some damage. So that's, that's what happened. And I'm like, man, Sam, totally, totally messed that up.

Totally ruined that opportunity to help somebody. You know, this guy was actually really intrigued. He was really curious about voiceover work. He had a great voice and a great personality. And I had nothing to offer him in return, nothing whatsoever. So I too will say that February was a failure for Sam at February F for February and F for failure.

Yeah. Yeah. That's okay. Here's, here's, here's what's good though. You know, you know, what's, what's good is that, um, once February came to a close, you flip the calendar and you end up in the month of March. March! And March starts with March 1st, I believe, if I'm not mistaken. It starts with the first of the month.

And, uh, I think that it's a brand new month. And not just a brand new month, Sam, I think it's a brand new opportunity. A brand new chance to start again. Absolutely, to march forward, as it were. Oh, yes! There it is! There it is! Look at that! Some play on month words. So, what do we do, Josh? Where do we go from here?

Forward. That's all we can do. Totally. So, I think this is awesome, Josh. Like, I can't believe that I'm saying that about us failing, but it is super, it's super real. I'm proud of you for failing, Sam. You did good. Finally, for once in my life, I've failed. You failed well. You failed so well. Yeah, totally. And it is a wonderful thing because we are.

all do it from time to time. Things came up in the month of February. Josh got sick. I got lazy. These things happen. We just stopped doing the things that we know we should do, but that doesn't mean it's over. That doesn't mean the game, the battle is completely lost. We're still in this. We're still here.

We're still here for another day. And we can pick back up and keep going forward as if nothing ever happened. We didn't lose anything. We just didn't meet our own goals that we set for ourself, but. It's easy. I mean, maybe you can speak to this, Josh, you know, that moment when you're like, you make a commitment to something and then you fail and then you mess up and you're like, you know, I'll screw it.

I'm not doing anything. It's over anyways. I ruined it. Doesn't matter anymore. That's probably the worst thing that could come out of this if we were to take that route. Yeah. And the fact is that we need to be looking at things Uh, long term. We need to be looking at things through that 10, 000 yard view.

And the 10, 000 yard view is, you know, it's a month. It's 28 days. Did they go the way you wanted? No. Did you do what you wanted? No. But it's 28 days out of 365. 366 if it's a leap year, although if it was a leap year, we would have had an extra day in February. And we might have succeeded, right? Yeah, we would have won, but you know, it was that one day.

It was it. Yeah, that was definitely it. But you know, 365 days, there's 365 opportunities. 365 chances. And so for 28 of them, we didn't do exactly what we wanted. But you know what? There's still a lot more. There's still 10. Months to go in the year and you know, we talk about setting goals and I think it's good to have short term and long term goals because yeah, our short term goal.

We didn't hit the month of February, but that doesn't mean we're going to fail for the year. It doesn't mean we're going to, you know, as long as we can pick it right back up. I mean, you cannot let this sabotage the rest of your year or the rest of your career because it doesn't have to. It doesn't need to, and it shouldn't.

The fact of the matter is, if you look back at the end of the year and you hit your goals for the year, 11 out of 12 months, that is UNBELIEVABLE. That's awesome, yeah. UNBELIEVABLE. You do it for 12 months, that is TREMENDOUS. Probably not gonna happen. Because there are gonna be other months where things are gonna come up.

Life happens, yeah. Yeah, it's summertime, I'm going on vacation with the family. Oh, something came up, I had an emergency. Things happen, life gets in the way. And so, you're not going to be, you know, able to hit your goals every single month. Ideally, you'd love to, and you should try to, and hopefully, even if you didn't hit your goals, you still did something.

And you still did more than you would have if you did nothing. So, you're still moving forward. Not as fast as you might have wanted to. Not as quickly as you might have liked to. But you're still moving forward. And that's all we can do. Pick it back up and keep going. Use this as an opportunity, you know, if, when you don't hit your goals, you're a little disappointed in yourself.

That's a great thing. Yeah. That's a great thing. Motivation. Exactly. As long as you don't let it overtake what you're trying to do and, and really become a detriment that, that shows that, yeah, this is, I'm disappointed. And that means that this was important and that I need to get back on the ball. And if you can do that, if you can take that disappointment and turn it into that motivation, That's all right.

And it was not a wasted month. It wasn't. Not in the least. I figured it out, Josh. It's this. So F stands for February, right? F also stands for failure, which is what Josh and I did. Sure. We were failures this month. But F also stands for forget about it, Josh. It's okay. We can pick back up and keep going. See what I did there, Josh?

That was a play on the letter F.

Grover. I've been And for the letter Oh! For the letter of the day! I've been thinking about that the whole time you were talking. I was like, I can't wait to say this joke. I'm so proud of it. This is what I do. This is how I work as a person. But this is an idea. This is really an opportunity for us to move forward.

Today's Voice Coaches Radio is brought to you by the letter F and the number 4. Forget about it. Oh man, I got nothing there. I got nothing there. This can only go sideways. And you're the one who has a kid here, but look at me. Playing like I watch Sesame Street. I have Sesame Street CDs in my car. Sesame Street ABCs in my car.

So maybe for our next episode I will actually play their uh, their skit for the letter F. I'm trying to remember what it is, and I can't think of it off the top of my head, and that's disappointing, but There was this uh, cartoon that my sister and I loved from the uh, from like the original Sesame Street years ago, and I don't like, remember why, but I, it was like our, this explains our brand of humor growing up to a T.

It was uh, there was this old man, he was sitting on a stoop, and he had a dog that was panting, and the dog is like, this other person walks up and is like, hey, that's a hot dog. And the old man said, Yeah, can you pass the ketchup? Do doom tss. And we love, we thought that was the funniest thing our entire childhood.

Anyways, just wanted to bring some levity into this failing moment here. But what we can do, what we can do with our life going forward, our careers going forward, our voice acting going forward, Josh and I haven't given up on our goals. We haven't given up on On our trajectory, we're just gonna pick back up and keep going.

Right, Josh? Absolutely. Absolutely. You look at any kind of, you know, look at the stock market. It has its good days, it has its bad days, it has its good months, it has its bad months. But it also has long term projections, and it also has long term successes. And that's what you're looking at. Yeah, you're looking at that long term success.

The coach at the gym I go to and he was dieting of sorts. He was working on a meal thing and what they say is, you know, you should weigh yourself maybe like once a week at most. Well, he decided he was going to weigh himself every single morning. Wow. And he did that because he wanted to plot it out showing that you're not going to get the results you want every single day for any number of reasons, right?

For any number of reasons. Um, you know, uh, it has nothing to do with how you, but it's just, that's just the way it is. But the overall pattern when you step back, right, you look at it from that far away view, you do the Monet, you step back from it and start looking at the macro instead of the micro and you see that in general, it's moving down.

But if you get bogged up in the fact that, oh, no, I gained. Wait this day, well, then you're never going to get where you want to go because it's okay what you do that one day as long as the overall, you know, theory is, is working in the right direction. And that's the same. The same is true here. The same is true here.

Look at it from that long view. Yeah, the month of February didn't go exactly as we planned. Okay, it's now the month of March. It's a new month with new goals or the same goals. Mine are going to be the same yet again. Because I'm going to pick up where I left off, and I'm not going to say, You know what?

Oh, because I didn't do anything in February, I'm going to do twice as much in March. Don't do that. Totally. Don't do that, because that is absolutely going to, you know, put too much pressure on your plate. This is what I was going to do in February, I didn't. I'm going to do it in March. And when we talk in April, I better damn well have done it.

Yeah, and another thing you can do with all of that is ask yourself, why did we fail? Why did you fail in this given moment? Like maybe something happened. Maybe you got sick. Maybe Josh had the flu, right? These things happen. That did happen. But for me, I didn't have the flu. Other things happened though.

Other things came up and maybe my goal wasn't focused enough. Maybe my goal wasn't simple enough. or actionable enough or concrete enough. I'm going to skyrocket my career. What does that mean? That's a, an intangible, right? It's a vague, make it really simple and make it actionable and you cannot fail and get back to work step by step, little bit, like by little bit.

That's how you build a career. That's how you create something. It's not like a giant leap into stardom. There's a saying in Los Angeles, it takes 10 years to be an overnight success. I feel like this is true of all businesses, of all endeavors, little bit by little bit, things are going to come up. They're going to get in the way.

It's not going to go as you plan, but if you get back out there. Things will still work out. So, goals for the month of March. For the month of March, I am going to reach out to 10 companies. I am going to hand out 20 business cards to potential people. And, uh, I'm going to continue and improve upon telling people that this is what I do.

Uh, the end of March, as well, is when I have my First 5k and my running endeavor begins in earnest. So that'll be the end of March. So by the end of this month I will have done the first part of my Running New Year's challenge and and I will be much farther along where I want to be on my voice acting Path my voice acting journey and one more thing.

I'm gonna do in the month of March Gonna host a killer podcast. Yes. Yes. That is S four Success . And that's this podcast, right? Another one? Yeah, that be this one. Oh, good, good, good. That's awesome. That's, that's this one. Oh, I love that. I love that. Uh, so my goals for marcher to actually make business cards, I, it's, it is not acceptable for me not to have them anymore.

It is not acceptable. I need to. It's going to happen. My other goal is I'm going to produce something. I have something in the works right now that I'm working on. I'm actually going to finish it or at least hand off my portion of it to the next party. And then you said something too. I was like, Oh, that's, that's what I need.

I absolutely need to do that. Oh, the podcast. I want to keep developing this podcast and then a couple other podcasts I have coming down the line. So I am super, super excited about all of those things, but it starts for me with that business card more than anything. It's a good place to start. Yep. It's a good place to start.

It's an important place to start. And, uh, I look forward, uh, to our March recap and, uh, take a look at it and see what you think. When we are successful. When we are successful. You got it. And when you're successful as well, for those listening in at home. For those listening in at home, thank you so much for tuning us in.

We always do appreciate it here on Voice Coaches Radio. Um, and, uh, and again, we always want to hear from you. We want to hear your goals. We want to hear your thoughts and, uh, and, and your feelings on the matter. We actually, uh, did get, uh, someone sent us, uh, their, their goals and their updates. And, uh, and I think that's, that's fantastic.

So, uh, a big thank you to, uh, to Stephanie Toro. Uh, Stephanie is, is someone that I had the, uh, the pleasure of working with when she was, uh, here at Voice Coaches. She probably recorded her demo, uh, sometime last year, not too, too long ago, and, um, Uh, she's, she's doing, she's doing things, and, and her goals for the month of March, She wants to finish her new website.

And wants to reach out to 10 local businesses. So, finish your website, reach out to 10 local businesses. Stephanie, we are behind you. We are here to help and here to motivate. And come the end of March, beginning of April, we are absolutely going to make sure that we update all our listeners as to how you did.

Because, uh, Yeah, we're gonna, we're gonna do our part to, uh, to try to keep you, uh, in line and try to make sure that the month of March isn't brought to you by the letter F. So, uh, we will definitely do that. And again, if, if anyone listening wants to send in their goals for the month of March so we can, uh, try to, try to keep you on, uh, on task as well, we would love to hear from you.

Love to hear what your thoughts are on the show, what you'd like to have us discuss, and what you're thinking of for the month of March. of March. However, the month of February is in the rearview, and may I say, good riddance. Good riddance. So, to successes in the month of March and moving forward in this career, or in this career, in this year, in our careers, Sam, I appreciate your honesty, and it's okay.

That you failed this month. I still love you. Oh Josh. Thank you. That's that was my biggest fear. That's okay. It's okay. I haven't lost much respect for you mostly because there was little to begin with only kidding only kidding Uh, so again, thank you to everyone for tuning in sam as always. Uh, it has been a pleasure and until next week So long everyone Visit voice coaches.

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Sam and Josh from our team talk about missing their February goals as voice actors and make plans for how they’ll move forward. If at first you don’t succeed, learn from the experience!