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Voice Coaches #515 – This is the end…

Voice Coaches Radio. Everything voiceover. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here. No, I'm just kidding. Welcome into Voice Coaches Radio. I am Josh Heller. She is Marissa Lanczak. We are delighted to have you joining us this week. I feel like we were just getting married. Uh, no, that was the... That was supposed to be a eulogy, but that, I don't think you did that right.

I mean, I should, I should be so lucky, Marissa. I know, God, I mean, you are my work husband, so... It's true, that's a very true point. And, and a, and a happy... Apparently we're getting divorced, I mean, geez. Well, it's, it's funny because today is the third week of January, and as we all know from last year... It's National Quitters Day!

It is Quitters Day! The 21st of January is, is Quitters Day, it is the third week of the new year, and it is the, the day slash week that the overwhelming majority of New Year's resolutions are, uh, and that's actually kind of really depressing actually. We talked about that a lot last year around the sun.

Uh, this year, uh, there is quitting going on, and it is It's just Josh. Um, this is, in fact, my my final episode hosting, uh, Voice Coaches Radio. I will be back on, by the way. I'm not gonna totally disappear. Oh, I mean, are you kidding me? I'm gonna be, like, zooming you in. As frequently as possible. That's fine by me.

I was going to say, it's going to be up to Marissa at this point because she's going to be taking over the controls. She's going to be flying the ship. I was wondering what you were just going to say there for a second. I'm like, woo! This is going to be an explicit content label today. What are you going to do, fire me?

Come on now. You're going to fire me? When people are listening to this, I'll already be gone. So, you know, go for it. Whatever. Like, I don't care. No, I wouldn't do that. But yes, this is my last Last, uh, episode of Voice Coaches Radio, I should check to see how many I've done. It's a lot. It's many. Well, you've been here a while.

How many years? Four years. Yeah. I've been here four years. Well, think about that. That's a part a week. 52 weeks times it by four. Didn't really work out that way. I'm going to be honest with you. No? Okay. No, definitely not. Definitely not. It's a good guesstimate. No, I mean, I can figure it out. I do have the wherewithal to do that.

I would do the math for you, but I failed 10th grade math twice. Did you really? I don't think you want me to do that. Did you really? What was 10th grade math? For me, that was geometry. It was proofs and whatnot. Proofs? So, like, you had to, like, give a reason for your... Whatever, like, I, I, I stayed after school every single day, 10th grade, to, with my teacher, and I still failed.

Alright, so here we go. My first episode, where I wasn't technically hosting, I was just kind of, uh, uh, You or me? In being introduced, called Meet Our New Host, was episode 366. Oh, and we're on 515. So if we do the math, carry the one, that's going to be 149?

149? Seriously, I'm not gonna get to 150? That's dumb. That, I mean, that is dumb. That's dumb. That's your choice. I should do another episode. You should. Just to, just to do it. I mean, come on, you know, that's actually, when I'm on the treadmill, if it says like, I'm gonna end and it's gonna be like 372 calories, I'm like, no, I'm on it for another, at least, couple, like, 30 seconds so I can get to 375.

No, 100%. No. Not throwing that I have that problem with books and audiobooks. I can't just randomly stop in the middle. I need like a chapter or like a legitimate stopping point. Yeah. I don't like leaving it in the middle. I don't like that this is my 149th episode and I'm so glad we did the out an extra week?

I might have to. Just be like, this is dumb. I gotta add another episode in here just because, because the 150 is so much nicer. It's so much nicer. It's a nice. It's a round number. It might not actually be, I don't know what the definition of that is, but it seems it in my head. Is it a round number? Yeah, well that'd be 200, right?

I mean, a round, I mean, It depends, it depends what you're rounding it to. It is an even number. I will give you that. I will give you that. 149 though. Odd. It's a prime number. It's odd though. Is it a prime number? I don't know. It's odd. I don't know. You're odd. Um, so welcome to Voice Coaches Radio. God, you're going to miss this, huh?

Um, so welcome, welcome to Voice Coaches Radio. No, you're still going to get plenty of weirdness because I'm still here. That's I mean, you're going to miss this. I mean, I am. I mean, you personally are going to miss all of, uh, all of this going on right here. Um, so yeah, welcome into Voice Coaches Radio. This is, uh, like I said, this is my final, my final episode and, um, you know, I, I figured I'd take a moment to, uh, to thank, first of all, everybody listening, uh, who has been listening for all 149 episodes or 148 previous episodes, um, and, uh, and, and thank you for that because obviously if you all weren't listening, then.

What was the point of me doing anything? Really, frankly, none. So thank you for that. And thank you to all of you who have been reaching out, who have, uh, you know, asked questions, um, who have come on as guests. Um, you know, we've had so many people interact with, uh, you know, with us and with the program, and obviously still will be doing so, but...

How about the students that come into class and they're like, Oh my God, you're Josh! Well, okay, they don't usually get a squee, but, uh... Okay, well, I've gotten squeeks. I do have people who are like, like, you're on the podcast? I'm like, you, people listen to that? Cool. Cool. Um. Yeah, you're always like, joking that we don't have any people that listen, but I have a feeling it's a lot more than you think.

You know what, it's a defense mechanism, let's be honest. It's a defense mechanism. Same reason why I would say that you're going to leave us every, you know, week and a half. Right, and then you did. It's just a defense mechanism because I'm very insecure. Clearly. So if I say that you're gonna leave, does that mean in turn that you're just gonna stay?

Like, is the opposite? I don't, I don't, I don't, I don't know if that's how it works. Well, it's what it's been doing. But I, I certainly have, uh, you know, have issues that I'm working through apparently. Yeah. But yeah. Who doesn't? I mean, who doesn't? Yeah, it's 20, it's 2022. We got issues still from 2020 we're trying to deal with.

Okay. Yeah, that uh, and probably childhood, let's face it. . Oh, definitely. Yeah, definitely. But that's a different program. Uh, we don't have enough, uh, we don't have enough time on the podcast for that. That'll be episode one 50 for me. It'll just be, uh, basically me. pouring my heart out for a while. Um, but this is me pouring my heart out to you guys.

Um, but again, yeah, I mean, it's been, it's been awesome. I've loved doing this. So I've, uh, like I said, I've been with the organization for just over four years. And then the truth is when I came here and most of you guys know my, my, my backstory, um, you know, my, my, my hero origin as it were. Um, yeah, I call myself a hero.

Don't worry about it. Let that be. Uh, it was, you know, I came from, from sports broadcasting. I had done, you know, sports broadcasting for And then I didn't. And for four months I was, you know, looking for any kind of work. And really didn't know what, where, who knew what was know if we were going to stay in Albany.

I really didn't have any reason to. And, um, You know at this point that things could not have changed more. We have a we have a home here now You know, my son's in school here. My wife has a good job here. I'm gonna be working for the state here So it's it's completely turned around but this was for me, you know The kind of the next chapter in my life and one that I had no idea what was gonna do and you know It was also one that allowed me to still tap into that creative outlet that I needed You know, by being able to, to do voiceover, by being able to pursue that, and even doing the podcast.

Um, and it's something that I'm absolutely gonna still do. The, the voiceover stuff, not the podcast. Hey! Uh, I mean, yes, that too, fine. But, um, You know, and so, so, I mean, that's, like I said, when I came in here, I... didn't know much. In fact, I remember, I remember I saw the, uh, the, uh, the open, the, the, uh, the posting for this job was for a part time for someone who could produce, um, which I could somewhat from, you know, my time recording audio with, uh, with hockey, but it was a part time job and, uh, I found it on Craigslist, so you know it was classy and, uh, Turned into, turned into four plus years later, and here we are, and I am a professional voice actor, and I plan on continuing to do that.

Um, and uh, and I've met amazing people along the way. I've also met Marissa, and um... Wait, I feel like you keep, just like... I do, because I'm gonna miss this! I just want to make it easier for you when I leave. So you're like, screw that guy. I'm never going to feel that way. I know. I know me either. People have been much worse to me than what you've just done.

I mean, challenge accepted. Hey. Let's go ahead and jump through all the crazy rings of fire. It's fair. Um, but, you know, it's, it's, uh, the people I've worked with here have been amazing. The people I've been able to work with through classes, through, I mean, just learning. And that was one thing I loved about this.

Because it's funny, because we do the same classes ish over and over and over again with different people. But it's never the same class. Because it, we deal with, with different people and their stories and we get to find out about them and work with them for, you know, months at a time and then kind of see their growth and see their, you know, their, their progression.

It's fascinating and I love it. Um, because you do get to, to work with people and people generally are awesome. Well, most people. Most people are. Is that Penny? Yeah, that was Penny. She's starting to make noises now. Oh, hi Penny. She's sad that you're leaving. I'm sure. Yeah, no, I can tell. I can tell. This is the second time I've ever met Penny, by the way.

Yeah, I know. But, you know, it was just, the whole opportunity has been amazing. And I'll be honest, coming in to tell, you know, David and Anna that I was going to be leaving was... Brutal. Just brutal. I remember you telling me about it. You're like, Oh, it's awful. I came in and I started talking to them, and they're like, Well, that's actually not the reason I'm here.

And Anna was just like, No. Yeah, that's exactly what happened. It's funny because it was the day after I got my booster, and I remember when I got my second COVID shot, um, The next day, I was just a little out of it, like my, I was a little lightheaded for a little bit before I started, you know, getting a fever, and I was driving here, and literally started getting that way, and I was like, is this the, the vaccine, or am I having a panic attack?

Nope, just a panic attack. No, it was a panic attack, yeah, 100% it was a panic attack. Yep, that's exactly what was happening, just a panic attack, uh, I didn't feel the booster really at all, but yeah, 100% having a panic attack. You know why I didn't feel the booster? The adrenaline from the panic attack. Mm hmm.

Yeah, kind of kind of glossed right over that. So I guess that was good. Yay. Thank you. Um, but, uh, but yeah, I mean, it's, uh, this is, this has been awesome. I made great friends here and, uh, you know, I've, my career has, has, has changed and as, uh, has taken a turn, but, um, I didn't know if I'd be ever, ever be able to fully get over, you know, losing what I love to do, which was, was broadcasting sports.

And I still have my moments of, you know, On Wii, if you will. Melancholy. Of course. But, in general, I don't anymore. Uh, and this is, this, uh, this job, this, this career has been, uh, a huge reason why. A huge reason why. And, um, and I just want to thank everyone involved, and I literally could not remember everybody's name if I tried.

That I would like to, you know, to, to Um, because there are too many of them. Uh, so this is my, this, I feel like this is my, like, Oscar speech right now. Are you gonna get emotional? No! You're gonna get emotional! Shut up! Whatever! Who cut the onions? No! No! Well, if I really start to feel emotional, all I have to do is just take a peek behind my monitor here and know that there's mouse poop and it makes me feel a little bit better.

No, you cleaned it up, I thought. I did, I did. I actually checked, there's not, no, there wasn't any. So it's been a few days and there has not been any new mouse poop. That's how it's a good sign. So, yeah, that's good. So, there's a little peek behind the curtain, folks. Yeah. Um, we have mice. In the studio, and they poop.

On everything. Including my desk. There are little work pets. Uh, yeah. Would Penny chase them? Um, no. But my cat would. And he'd be real proud when he got one. Real proud. I'd be proud of him too. I don't know why you didn't bring your cat in. That seems crazy to me. He's a little temperamental. Seems crazy to me that you didn't do that.

I should bring my cats in. Just like one of the last days here, just be like, pfft, pee on everything. Do it. Do it. Rub your fang on everything. Everything you need to. Just make it your own. Uh, but no, and I probably, you know, I'm gonna continue to work here a little bit part time. Um, at least I said I would.

We'll see if I actually do. But, uh, I definitely, uh, am not against that. And, and, and as I mentioned, I will still, uh, make my presence felt on the podcast. Um, but, uh, I'm on to, uh, Different things. Better things? I don't know. Different things. Different things. That's okay. Um, the change is scary. And um, I'm scared.

But that's alright. Sometimes you grow the most stepping outside that comfort zone, Joshy. Yeah, that's true. That's true. He's about to spread his wings. Yeah, yeah, I guess. I guess. Um, so you know, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's bittersweet. It's definitely, the whole thing is, is bittersweet. But, uh, I am glad that I had a chance to...

You know, spend the last few weeks here knowing that, that, that I was leaving and everyone knowing that I was leaving so I could, you know, say my goodbyes, rub it into a few people's faces. And, uh, yours, well, yours was one of them for sure. For sure. No, I know. I felt it. But, uh, uh, but, you know, I mean, again, defense mechanisms.

That's all that is. That's all that is. Right? Because if I told you how much I love you right now, we would just both be sad. Yeah. We would just both be sad. And that would not be a great podcast. Or would be like the notebook. Uh, would, would be. I never saw The Notebook, I gotta be honest with you. Not a movie I've seen.

Well, you know, this is the first time that's happened. That's true. Except it's a little Titanic, though, too. Which is crazy because, by the way, I don't watch that many movies. Just compared to you, apparently, I do. Well, no, you watch a lot of old movies. I do watch a lot of old movies. I do not. Because I'm an old man.

You are, especially with what you're wearing right now. I'm an old man in a cardigan and a, and a... Flat cap. Scally cap. Selling papes. Um, so yeah, so um, so this is, this is at least for me from the captain's chair here. Uh, from uh, hosting this and um, It's been awesome. It has. The whole thing has been, has been awesome.

And, uh, and Marissa, you've been a big part of that, and I, thank you for making it easy. Because, you know, when I started here, this was a new chapter for me, too. You know, I, uh, the pandemic made me kind of feel like I had lost everything. I wasn't, like, I mean, listen, I've done a lot of voice work. I just wasn't really sure how I was going to fit either.

Um, but, You know, it's like a glove. Uh, you know, and it fits nice and cozy. You fit in with all these weirdos here. Kind of like your cardigan. Kind of like my cardigan. You know, so, but you've definitely made it a nice, easy transition. Will do, I'm glad. So thank you. It's my pleasure, it's my pleasure. Uh, it was not difficult to do.

So, uh, and again, to all you listening, Thank you so, so very much, um, good luck, continue to, uh, to pursue those dreams and chase those dreams, I promise you it's worth it, I promise you, and don't worry, like I said, I'm not giving up on voiceover, that's insanity, I have a home area recording. Nook closet area that we've all talked about before and I shall be doing my recording in there and I will continue to be doing that and And I'll be working for the state of New York until I become a super famous Voice actor and you know, so that should be soon.

That should be fairly soon ish Yeah soon ish soon ish and then I'll come back on the program and be like, what's up guys? Yeah Oh my god, you'll never guess what I've been up to Yeah. Are you kidding me? I've been listening to all of your audiobooks, Josh. Killing it. All of them. Killing it. Killing it. Um, so, no, I definitely still continue to, uh, to do that because I'm gonna need a creative outlet, I'm fairly certain of that.

Oh, yes. Uh, because I'm not sure the job is going to scratch that particular edge. Well, listen, you're gonna be working for the state, so you're basically gonna be a zombie. Uh, yeah. That's how that works. With a pension. And solitaire on your computer. A zombie with a pension. Mm hmm. Um, which is, which is... Um, but, uh, but again, you know, uh, I'm not, you haven't heard the last of me.

Let's put it that way. Yeah. I haven't heard the last of me here on voice coaches radio. I promise you that. So, but, uh, I am still going to be around for the next, uh, well, actually by the time you guys are listening to this and I won't be, um, but if you need to get in touch with me, if you need to reach out to me, uh, you can always do so by reaching out to, uh, to anyone here, to the front desk here.

And uh, they can pass a message along to me if, uh, you know, we need me to, uh, To help out in any way, I'm certainly here to do that. I'm certainly still here to do that, and happy to do that. Happy to do it. Well, depending on the request. Probably happy to do it. Um, I will say, uh, if you have been, uh, been emailing me at joshatvoicecoaches.

com, and I thank you if you have, probably going to want to stop doing that. Because that's probably not going to be a thing anymore. Um, hopefully Marissa will get an email here. Maybe. I don't know if they decide she's going to stay. Uh. Wow. Well, you still Do you have a, do you even have a, a, a fob yet? Oh, yo, no, I have a fob.

Yeah, I can get in the building. Do you have a key I have a key. I can lock it. I have a code to, you know, shut things down. Yeah, I just don't have an email. It's okay. I didn't have an email for the longest time either. You can have mine. I don't care. But you probably want one that's not, you know, not your name.

I'll just start calling myself Josh Heller. It's my stage name. Go for it. Go for it. I don't care. I don't even care. Probably one of the more successful Josh Ellers out there, let's be honest. Actually, there's a lot of me out there. There's, it's not a super uncommon name, unfortunately. Kind of wish it was, uh, but it's not.

We're kind of a thing. But there's only one of you. Thank God for that. Yeah. Thank God for that. Only one. But, uh, this one of me will be, uh, will be around. And like I said, if you need to get in touch with me, if you, uh, need any, you know, advice on anything or whatnot, do not hesitate to, uh, to reach out to voice coaches here and, uh, and they will pass that along to me.

Unquestionably, so I'm certainly happy to, uh, to help out where I can, to help out where I can, and, uh, and, like I said, if, if Marissa will allow. Are you kidding me? For sure. He'll be on the next episode. Episode 150 maybe? We gotta make it that even 150. Um, so, from episode 149, Marissa again, thank you so much for, uh, for everything and for, uh, for, for being my, my host for the past, uh, almost a year now, and, uh, thank you all to, uh, to everyone who's listened in throughout these past four years, uh, and, uh, and supported me, and supported this organization, and, uh, good luck to each and every one of you, and, uh, Keep in touch, keep in touch, good luck, and uh, until next time, so long everyone.

All things must pass, and in this week’s episode, Josh says thank you and goodbye to everyone in his final podcast.