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Laura is a professional voice over artist and actor. In addition to being one of the key producers at Voice Coaches, Laura formerly performed ballet. Today, she remains active in the theatre. She does it all - she acts, she sings, and she dances. And long before Laura was a producer at Voice Coaches, she was a student at Voice Coaches. In other words, she not only trained here, but she was so good, she now teaches here, too. When Laura isn’t imparting years of wisdom to our clients across the country, she can be found shopping for Too Faced makeup. Either that, or she can be found lounging with her cat, Mumford Maurice Chevalier Graver-Jones Esq (and that’s REALLY her cat’s name).

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Favorite Art Form:
The Ballet

I’m Watching:

I’m Listening to:
Frank Sinatra

Laura Graver

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