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David is a lifelong musician and producer. His voice over production and casting credits include: Discovery, HGTV, WE, PBS, Lays, Nintendo, Disney, and numerous clients in corporate, government, and the private sector.

David is also the Billboard Triple A Top 40 music producer of “Red Stops Traffic” by siblings Jocelyn & Chris Arndt.

When he’s not casting or producing “yet another” voice over, you’ll find him behind the drums in the studio or most anywhere around the country.

4 dogs and 5 cats…and yes that’s true.

Favorite Art Form:
Nature…not sure if that counts but I’m sticking with it!

I’m Watching:
Better Call Saul

I’m Listening to:
Jocelyn & Chris Arndt…of course!

David Bourgeois

President and Creative Director

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