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Spring Frolicking-BLOG DAY

Fun in the sun!!! Any excuse to be outside on this gorgeous day. Take a peek!!!

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I’m late. I’m late, for a very important date!!!

In the immortal words of Marilyn Monroe: “I’ve been on a calendar, but I’ve never been on time.” Perhaps a legend like a Marilyn Monroe can get away with that type of mentality, however for us “no name” voice actors out there just trying to get a job, we don’t have that luxury. For us, [...]

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Beloved Voice Actor-A Tribute

Christine Cavanaugh, in my opinion, is a voice over goddess and legend. She has voiced many of our classic and most beloved animated characters including Babe (the pig), Rugrats alum Chuckie and Dexter of Dexter’s Laboratory to name a few. The news of her passing saddens me as a fellow voice actor but I do [...]

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