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Voice Overs In The News

Or, What do Presidents and Vice Presidents, Penguins, Pirates, and Pioneers all have in common?

All are connected to either the Oscars or the Grammys – as voice over talent played a huge role in recent major movie and recording honors.

In film, perhaps the best-known winner is “Happy Feet”, earning the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. This computer-generated tale of a tap-dancing penguin needed almost 70 different voices for production! At the other end of the scale is “The Danish Poet”, narrated by famed Swedish actress Liv Ullmann. It won the Oscar for Best Animated Short. Finally, former Vice President Al Gore is heard throughout “An Inconvenient Truth”, winner of the Academy Award for Best Documentary.

One more Oscar note (and a bass one at that)! That voice you heard during the telecast (before the commercial breaks or as actors headed stageward) was Don LaFontaine – otherwise known as “That Announcer Guy from the Movies” in that cool GEICO spot.

The recording industry also singles out the best in voice work. There are two Grammy winners for Best Spoken Word Album. The first is former President Jimmy Carter, reading his book “Our Endangered Values: America’s Moral Crisis”. Joining President Carter are noted black actors Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, for their autobiography “With Ossie and Ruby: In This Life Together”.

On the lighter side, the Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album for Children goes to “Blah, Blah, Blah – Stories about Clams, Swamp Monsters, Pirates and Dogs”, performed by Bill Harley. (FYI – part of it involves a sock-stealing pirate named Dirty Joe!)

All of us here at Voice Coaches sincerely hope you win your Grammy or Oscar next year!

Best of Luck!

David Michela
Producer / Voice Development
Voice Coaches

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