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Voice Over Advice: Don’t Give Up!

Posted 8:40 pm by Overit Media

Voice Over Advice: Don’t Give Up!
As someone responsible for a company that provides voice over training to aspiring voice actors from across the country, I occasionally feel the need to share advice that goes beyond that of any basic voice over classes. Quite often I “accidentally” discover a particular method or avenue for success by observing the habits of previous voice over students who have achieved success. Such is the motivation for this article.
I would hope that anyone entering this field would do so with an expectation of success. While individual goals differ, it is important to establish a goal and to develop a series of steps that will lead you to that goal, after all, it is difficult to achieve a goal that you haven’t set. Setting a goal and defining the steps you will take to arrive at that goal is, in simple terms, a business plan.
One of the most critical and often overlooked components of building success in our field is establishing a realistic timeline. Most professional voice actors I speak with suggest that it took them between 6 months and a year to begin to work. The main problem with this is that many aspiring voice actors who would otherwise do very well in our field, fail to continually market themselves. This is an unfortunate but very consistent reason that many do not succeed.
Regardless of your demo’s packaging, your skill level, or any other advantage that you have going into this field, the ability to market yourself longer than your competitor will often have the greatest impact on your career.
Keep this in mind, particularly on the day you decide to give up.

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