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VO Battle On NBC’s The Apprentice

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VO Battle On NBC’s The Apprentice
NBC’s The Apprentice Showcases VO

When the final five players on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice were tasked with creating new audio commercial branding for Chicken Of The Sea tuna, three players put their Voice Acting skill to the test.

Team Athena, featuring Poker legend Annie Duke and model Brande Roderick stepped into New York’s Lodge Recording Studios, and Brande, paired with a professional Voice Actor, recorded a 30 second commercial script written to depict two mothers conveying their concerns about finding good, natural food for their kids.

The commercial was designed to be presented in a conversational, genuine manner and Brande and her professional counterpart did an incredible job.

Team KOTU, with entertainment legend Joan Rivers, country music star Clint Black, and custom motorcycle mogul Jesse James, entered New York’s Quad Recording and paired up odd-couple Joan and Jesse in a comedic, high-energy performance that parodies a game show. The team began with two talented professional voice actors, but with Rivers’ comedic experience and Jesse’s willingness to throw caution to the wind, they opted to perform the piece themselves with wonderful reviews from both sides.

The show was entertaining and the celebrities involved stepped up to the microphone and knocked it out of the park!

See for yourself on The Celebrity Apprentice!

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