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Stop Wondering “IF”!

Posted 8:39 pm by Overit Media

Stop Wondering “IF”!
Success Needs A Plan

If you were opening a restaurant, dollar store, hardware store, pet grooming salon, or virtually any other type of business, you would clearly recognize a handful of things at the very least.
I think it’s safe to say you would recognize that you were making an investment of both time and money. You would also probably be aware that others in your chosen field will try to compete with you for some of the same clients.
Unfortunately, although most small business owners are well aware of some of these basic realities of business, many voice over artists are not.
Let me be clear, as a voice over artist, you essentially own your own small business. Your voice is what you are selling to potential clients. You have invested both money and time in building proficiency and success for your business and like most any successful small business, you will need a business plan.
This is where many aspiring voice over artists sort of drop the ball. Instead of building a plan for success, they instead hope for, wish for, and worse yet wait for success to find them. I particularly see this in the people who ask about “breaking into” our field.
You don’t break into our field, you build success in our field through knowledge, ability, perseverance, and planning. The professional voice over field is not akin to playing the lottery. This is a profession where money changes hands and where there is an expectation of expertise.
A great way to work toward success in our field is to first define it. It is, after all, very difficult to achieve a goal that you haven’t set.
Creating a simple business plan should begin with your goal. Keep in mind that your goal can change any time so don’t be hesitant to set an initial goal. Once you have a goal in mind, you can then begin to define the steps that you’ll take to arrive at your goal.
A specific goal and the series of steps you plan to use to achieve that goal is a business plan.
Keep in mind that some of the steps you plan to use to achieve success will work better than others and also keep in mind that you may change your goal as your perspective on your field broadens, but a simple plan fro success is a great way to begin to move your career in the right direction.

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