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Market From Within

Posted 8:59 pm by Overit Media

Market From Within
It Isn’t All About Getting The First Job!

Anyone entering a field like ours can, no doubt, find themselves a bit overwhelmed by the thought of the initial and continued self-marketing efforts required to build success. Unlike fields where individuals are hired for a single job they hope to stay with and retire from, the professional voice over field is very much like any other type of professional acting. Your career will typically consist of you being cast in roles that are appropriate for your specific voice type.
While there are many avenues for marketing and many appropriate entities to market yourself to, I want to point out perhaps the most overlooked marketing opportunity available to professional voice actors.
Jobs You Already Have
In addition to efforts to develop new relationships, one of the greatest marketing avenues available to you is developing and cultivating long-term repeat work relationships. You should clearly understand that those of us who do the hiring in the voice over field have a tendency to re-use the same people. Simply put, you want to become one of those people. As someone who regularly hires voice over artists, I see some talent who come into the studio, politely do their job, get paid, and leave. Once in a while however, I see a talent who takes time to speak to everyone in the session. This type of talent always has an “extra” copy of their demo for each person in attendance. This talent also takes a few minutes to chat with our receptionist and to thank her for the “great” directions. This talent tends to send me a thank you card that’s handwritten with a message like
“Just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to work with you! The studio was great and you were a big help. Please touch base with me anytime my voice is a fit for one of your clients. I look forward to working with you soon!”
Marketing yourself from within an existing work situation will usually offer you a tremendous return on your efforts, after all, we are already familiar with you.
If you are interested in long term success in professional voice over work, I sincerely suggest that in addition to being able to do your job as a voice actor, be prepared to impress everyone in the session with your personality and eagerness to assist them in the future.

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