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Innovative Voice Over Opportunity

Posted 8:42 pm by Overit Media

Innovative Voice Over Opportunity
Your Voice Could Be A Click Away

We at Creative Voices Development Group always like to remind our students that the bulk of the voice over work they’ll find – 80 to 90 percent! – is in so-called “narratives”: books on CD, training videos, and the like.

So, in our efforts to think “outside the box”, we just turned up another outstanding possibility for your narrative talents: the unique and growing field of online audio greeting cards!

Naturally, the more familiar “big names” are already involved, like Hallmark and American Greetings. But there are many opportunities as well with smaller companies, like L.A.-based Rubber Chicken. Started in 2000 with some software and a website by actors Steven Rotblatt and Richard Zobel, it now boasts some 15 thousand subscribers.

Basically, the e-cards are cartoons with humorous voice over characters – about 60 right now. And Rubber Chicken is beginning to get some bigger bounce, as larger firms like classmates.com are hoping to use the online greeting card service as a fun way to contact missing friends.

We at CVDG hope that one day, you’ll be getting “clicked on”, too!

Keep up your efforts!

Dave Michela

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