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Dynasty Star Prepares For Voice Acting

Posted 9:11 pm by Overit Media

Dynasty Star Prepares For Voice Acting
Television Star John James Chooses Voice Coaches

Every once in a while the phone will ring in our offices and the caller at the other end will ask about making a voice over demo. We quickly explain that we don’t offer a demo only option as we feel training is a critical component of success.
Next comes something along the lines… “well, you see, I don’t really need training… I’ve done some community theater and been in a bunch of commercials.”

For those who are thinking along these lines consider this… when professional actor John James contacted us and explained his goal to build success as a voice actor, the first thing he insisted on was simple… he wanted to learn. James, who among many other career roles is probably best known for staring in the prime time series Dynasty and the latter spin-off The Colbys throughout the 1980s and 90s, cut his teeth staring in daytime television’s As The World Turns, All My Children, and Search For Tomorrow.

Despite major success in television and theatrical acting, John recognized the unique differences and challenges in bringing his skill as an actor across when limited to communicating with his voice.

“It was an enormous honor to work with Mr. James” commented Voice Coaches’ David Bourgeois. “Perhaps the best part of the process was the enormous value he placed in education.” “It’s been my experience when working with enormously successful people, that there is usually a very good reason they have been able to build their success.” “For Mr James, part of that is never missing an opportunity to learn” added Bourgeois.

Look for John James in an interview with David coming up soon on Voices.com. And look for a surprise from Mr James on our web site coming soon!!

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