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Client flies in from Alaska, at Homer Simpson’s suggestion!

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Client flies in from Alaska, at Homer Simpson’s suggestion!
August 2007

“Doh!” Sound familiar? On paper it doesn’t mean much. However, if you attach it to the right voice, you’ll recognize it as a word that TV’s Homer Simpson made famous. Well it isn’t actually Homer himself, rather the voice behind him.

White Lake Music and Post, located at 903 Bedford Road, Schenectady is home to Voice Coaches, a voice-over training and recording business. Interestingly enough, this hometown business recently had a client fly in from Alaska to use their services at Homer Simpson’s suggestion!

Jon Stull is 19. He was born with a severe cleft palate due to his father’s exposure to Agent Orange. His dream is to do character voices. His birth defect stood in the way. Two years ago Jon underwent a first-of-the-kind jaw surgery, a surgery so risky that doctors made a three dimensional model of his head to practice on. They cut his upper jaw in half and inserted “rails.” A crank at a time, over days, forced his jaw forward. A journey so painful, Jon had to wear a hockey helmet to school for months so that no one touched his face or jaw. Then, the process of learning how to talk again.

As luck, or fate would have it Jon’s father, David, had a friend that was the neighbor to Dan Castellaneta, who does the voice for – you guessed it – Homer Simpson. After a lengthy discussion Dan suggested that Jon get in touch with Voice Coaches. He had heard that their reputation was sterling in the world of voice development. This past January Voice Coaches taught Jon via tele-training at his home in Wasilla, Alaska. After his training was completed, all Jon had left to do was record his two-hour professional voiceover demo CD, something that could be taken care of in Alaska. Jon had another idea. Instead, he was coming to Schenectady. After
all of the time and care that Voice Coaches extended to him throughout his training, he simply had to do it here!

Jon and his father David flew in recently and visited Voice Coaches. Although Jon is going to the University of Alaska in the fall, he is seriously considering transferring to the Capital District the following year. He said that it was one of the most thrilling experiences of his life, and would recommend this studio to anyone pursuing this career.

Voice Coaches and White Lake Music and Post are part of a three-studio, state-of-the-art, audio recording and post-production facility headed by Anna and David Bourgeous. They provide original music, voice over production, and audio post-production for a broad range of corporate, government, and private sector clients. Among other projects, they provide recording for The Learning Channel’s hit show “While You Were Out”, audio post production work for HGTV’s design show “Free-style” and are currently creating original music composition for the film “ Letting Go”, that will appear at the prestigious Plymouth Independent Film Festival.

Voice Coaches provides one-on-one voice acting training to clients throughout the United States and Canada. In addition to their main location in Schenectady, they work collaboratively with a number of major studios from coast to coast to accommodate clients who cannot easily travel. Voice Coaches also offers introductory voice acting workshops through more than 400 colleges and continuing eductation facilities across the Country.
*Voice Coaches is exclusively dedicated to acting training and does not provide broadcast career training services.

The companies employ 11 full-time staff members and six part-time staff. Both businesses formerly had offices in Albany, NY and Neshaminy, PA. They chose to relocate to Schenectady with the encouragement and support of SLDC in 2002. Please visit: www.whitelakemusic.com and www.voicecoaches.com for additional information.

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