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Busy Busy

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Busy Busy
Voice Over Training & Pro Work Make For a Busy Fall.
To begin with, we have had a very interesting 2008 thus far. We have experienced a significant upsurge in the number of students training with us. Part of this seems to be people beginning to look for ways to control their own income. Regardless of motivation, we have been fortunate to meet some wonderful people this year, and we are looking forward to more through fall.

On the other side of things, many of you are aware that our studio does a great deal of professional production work. The projects we worked on this month were, well let’s just say, all over the spectrum!
It began with Voice Coaches” Senior Creative Director John Gallogly being selected to provide the voice for a novelty doll that will soon be sold at places like Spencers Gifts. We have produced several VOs for the doll, with lead engineer Chris Scharling providing recording and post production.

Next up, Creative Matrials, a company specializing in tile for contruction of major chains like Dunkin Donuts and Marriott, came to us for lengthy voice over recording for their phone and web systems. Former Voice Coaches student Bean Maier ws selected to voice the project largely because of her ultra professional style of delivery.

Next, Working Pictures, a major visual production company came to us for a range of VO production to compliment a project they are working on for New York State. Several voice actors were used including Voice Coaches Producer Chris Laurenzo, former student Iain Bopp, and Tyler West, the daughter of Voice Coaches Premeir Producer Kevin West.

And… A deluxe matress manufacturer from downstate New York brought our team in to develop 18 videos showcasing the company’s new product line. We shot most of the footage at a photo studio in Kentucky, then returned to our studios to record voice overs for the project with formr student Marie Taszycki.

Last but not least, we continued work to support the development of five television concepts for Bourgeois Farmer Productions, a company started by Voice Coaches president David Bourgeois and Televesion Host Evan Farmer. The company is currently finalizing a concept in partnership with media giant Hearst Entertainment.

We will always keep you posted of anything exciting that we are up to!

Be Well!

Anna at Voice Coaches

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