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Big Business Recording

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Big Business Recording
January 2008

Voice Coaches Producer Chris Scharling had a unique opportunity on January 24th when he was invited to New York City to record successful businessman Donald Trump.

The recording Chris was responsible for took place at Trump Towers in New York City, and will appear as part of a major sporting and entertainment event coming up in Arizona in early February.
“As with every project, we knew the client’s time was important” commented the video’s director. “Bringing in Chris from Voice Coaches helped us insure that our client’s voice was recorded clearly and seamlessly and further demonstrated our commitment to professionalism to our client and his executive team.”
To insure quality, Chris used two computer systems to record several channels of audio from microphones placed throughout the room and attached to the client’s jacket.
“When he walked into the room with his assistants, we got down to business immediately” commented Scharling. “The recording process went very well, although I did have to be careful not to clip the mic to his tie” Chris remembers. “All in all it was a very surreal experience being there in the board room with him” Scharling added.

Congratulations to our Chris Scharling and everyone else involved in the production!

This story is another example of Voice Coaches Team Members in action in real world voice work and production.

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