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An Answer… Almost

Posted 9:09 pm by Overit Media

An Answer… Almost
Ok, Ok, Here is some info!
For about the past 6 months there have been some rumors in the air related to Voice Coaches possibly relocating our main offices and state of the art studios. Many folks were absolutely sure they would soon find us in Saratoga, while more than a few thought they had our plans pegged with a soon to be new address in Silver Spring MD. I even heard from a former client who thought we were moving to New York City.

Well. it is true. We are finalizing plans for a move that will dramatically expand our facilities.

How dramatically?
We will be expanding to a new facility that is more than 7 times the size of our current location.

We love a challenge! Actually we have several new business opportunities that have created the opportunity to expand.

Hmmmmmm, we are working on that! Suffice to say the project is about to begin and will be announced publicly in detail in the coming 6 weeks.

Sorry, we cannot comment on that at this point. I will say this however, we are absolutely delighted with the growth and emphasis in the arts community in our home base of Schenectady NY. Schenectady’s new resurgence coupled with it’s prestigious broadcasting history certainly have served to make it an ideal home so far…

I will absolutely keep everyone posted!

Enjoy What You Do!

David at Voice Coaches

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