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Albany Executive Association Welcomes Bourgeois

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Albany Executive Association Welcomes Bourgeois
Voice Coaches’ Bourgeois Becomes Official AXA Member

On January 5th, 2009, Voice Coaches President David Bourgeois was inducted into the Albany Executive Association. The organization, organized in 1955, is the longest running professional corporate networking and leads organization in New York’s Capital Region. The group’s members are key players in some of the most successful, reputable, and long standing businesses in the area.

Organization rules mandate that members be of good moral and business character. Members must also refrain from representing any business activity that conflicts with that of another member.

“This was a long process” explained Bourgeois. “The group is very serious about researching their prospective members and determining that member’s potential contributions to the group and to the business community.” “I am absolutely delighted and honored to be affiliated with the individuals in AXA and I look forward to introducing them to Voice Coaches” added Bourgeois.

Because David travels as part of his role in his television production partnership with Evan Farmer, Voice Coaches Marketing Director Warren Garling has been designated to attend AXA meetings in David’s absence.

Everyone at Voice Coaches congratulates David on this honor!

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