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10.22.15 | Miscellaneous | team


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Voice Coaches Radio #325 – Positively!

10.22.15 | Miscellaneous | team

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Podcast Topics and such…

06.03.15 | Education | team

Hi gang!!! Thank you all for your help with our Red Nose Campaign-the video was a success!!! Our podcast is posted each Friday hosted of course by our witty and talented Chris Scharling and Warren Garling. We get a great deal of positive feedback and we are now looking for your help with new topics [...]

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Call to Action…

05.20.15 | Education | team

We have two video projects going on currently for our social media and I need all our followers to join in. The first project is our Red Nose Campaign. As I am sure many of you have seen over the past several months the Red Nose campaign was an extremely popular and wildly successful benefit [...]

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Voice Actor and Bond Villian passes…

05.13.15 | Education | team

Thank you to our student Brett Bydairk for suggesting this as a post for the blog. RIP Robert Rietti. “Filmmakers called Robert Rietti the man with a thousand voices. For decades, the British voice-over artist was the go-to guy when directors needed to rerecord mumbled or indecipherable dialogue. Rietti voiced numerous villians in James Bond [...]

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Ice Cream, BBQ’s and Networking…Oh My!!!

05.06.15 | Education | team

Happy Wednesday Bloggers!!! Today is a video blog, I have been doing those lately and am super excited for your feedback. I promise!!! Many of our students have called this week to discuss how they can rev up their Summer marketing potential as a voice actor. My answer to that is seen in the Vlog [...]

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Open House Success!!!

04.29.15 | Miscellaneous | team

Networking is marketing. Marketing yourself, marketing your uniqueness, marketing what you stand for. – Christine Comaford-Lynch Thank you to all that attended last nights open house!! Shaking hands with old friends and a few new ones was what the night was all about. Word of the week: Networking Click to the right for a video [...]

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Spring Frolicking-BLOG DAY

04.15.15 | Miscellaneous | team

Fun in the sun!!! Any excuse to be outside on this gorgeous day. Take a peek!!!

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Survival of the Fittest…

04.08.15 | Education | team

If you tuned in to read the blog last week, I HAVE SURVIVED TECHDOM!!!! Pro Tools did not break me butttt I sure am sore What did I learn? I learned that I have so much more to learn, HA! However, that fact alone arms me against what is next. I had thought that Pro [...]

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Take that leap into the unknown…

04.01.15 | Miscellaneous | team

This week I am taking on the very dreaded task of learning how to use Protools…EEEK-don’t all run from the room at once! I am excited to take on this facet of the VO world and piggyback on my producing skills but with that said the insecurities and nerves run amuck. I find myself in [...]

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The Idea of Celebrity in the VO world

03.04.15 | Education | team

I am a voracious reader when it comes to the fields I am passionate about and any voice actor worth their salt would benefit from keeping current with the VO trends. I stumbled across a fascinating article about the ideology of “celebrity” and “fame” in the VO world (or should I say the illusion of [...]

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Looking for work? What VO artist isn’t?

02.25.15 | Education | team

Todays blog is short and sweet. One of our success story students has had some luck on a certain site for VO artists and any helpful hints we voice actors can get are more than welcome!!! Check it out-I know I have. The setup takes some time as you want to be sure to showcase [...]

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Be your own Valentine…

02.11.15 | Education | team

For any of you voice actors out there not sure of how to get started marketing once you have your demo in hand, here is a comprehensive list of associations and affiliates that can help any voice actor, seasoned or otherwise procure employment and everlasting networking relationships. Be your own Valentine this February and take [...]

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The Superbowl of Voice Acting-”Hut, Hut, Hike!!!”

02.04.15 | Miscellaneous | team

Whether you watched the game for the heart stopping action on the field or for the artery clogging snacks that always follow-the real show is all of the commercials during the broadcast, right? For the purposes of the blog entry today, I made sure to watch all commercials that were shown throughout the big game [...]

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DIY Voice Actor

01.21.15 | Education | team

Many new voice actors inquire about setting up their own in-home recording system. Many times this cuts down on the in studio costs and gives the voice actor a sense of control in an industry that at many times feels out of reach. For any of our DIY voice actors out there, I asked our [...]

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A picture is worth a thousand words…

01.14.15 | Education | team

The axiom “A picture is worth a thousand words” refers to the idea that a complex thought or action can be conveyed with just a single image or photo. It also aptly characterizes one of the core goals of visualization, thus making it possible to absorb large amounts of information quickly. Why does this adage [...]

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Beloved Voice Actor-A Tribute

12.31.14 | Miscellaneous | team

Christine Cavanaugh, in my opinion, is a voice over goddess and legend. She has voiced many of our classic and most beloved animated characters including Babe (the pig), Rugrats alum Chuckie and Dexter of Dexter’s Laboratory to name a few. The news of her passing saddens me as a fellow voice actor but I do [...]

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Take Two: A second look at Voice Acting

12.17.14 | Education | team

Enjoy the humor and realism that our amazing team member Chris Scharling has to offer. What can’t this guy do? Enjoy his thoughts: It’s occurred to me recently that a lot can be gained by teaching my students what I need from them as a producer. If you understand your job as a voice actor, [...]

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Tis the season for Branding!

12.10.14 | Miscellaneous | team

When Christy first approached me about writing a blog about design my first instinct was to back away slowly and run in the opposite direction! The idea was exciting but also nerve racking. How can I pack into a few paragraphs the importance and awesomeness of a good design? So after a lot of thought, [...]

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Blog and Podcast Unite!!!

12.03.14 | Education | team

Voicebox1 professional, Denis Couture joins Chris Scharling and Warren Garling for our weekly podcast this Friday, be sure to check it out!!! In tandem with the weekly podcast, I wanted to use the blog this week to showcase Voicebox1 with whom we have working relationship with that aids voice actors in their search for paying [...]

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Feed the Soul this Holiday Season

11.19.14 | Education | team

Turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce… oh my!!! The trifecta of holiday edibles is only one week away from being devoured by yours truly and with the hustle and bustle of the season upon us I wanted to impart a few helpful hints in getting the demo out there. Holidays are a great time of year [...]

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Belief in the “Suspension of Disbelief”

10.22.14 | Miscellaneous | team

Dinner? Check. Fluffy couch? Check. TV on? Check. Preparing my nightly routine of eating my dinner while purveying the latest television gold, I began to percolate with ideas for this week’s blog entry. While I hemmed and hawed and weighed my options I haphazardly scrolled through the channels unaware that my topic was right in [...]

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Happy New Year!

12.31.13 | Miscellaneous | team

As you probably know by now, we like to take a break from VO-related matters around the holidays and just share a few fun cartoons with you, our loyal readers. So here are a few New Year’s comics we got a kick out of, and we hope you will,too! Have a safe, fun, and happy [...]

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Happy Holidays from Voice Coaches!!

12.24.13 | Miscellaneous | team

Happy Holidays from Voice Coaches!! | Voice Over Blog

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Happy New Year!

12.31.12 | Miscellaneous | team

We’re going to keep it short and simple today: From all of us here at Voice Coaches to all of you, have a happy and safe New Year!!!

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Happy Holidays From Voice Coaches!!!

12.24.12 | Miscellaneous | team

As has become a holiday tradition here at Voice Coaches, we like to use the blog a little bit differently at the holidays. So instead of talking about voice overs today, we like to simply have a little holiday-themed fun. So here are a few holiday cartoons to remind us all to have a little [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving From Voice Coaches!!

11.21.12 | Miscellaneous | team

As has become an annual tradition here at Voice Coaches, we like to take a few holiday blog posts off from talking about voice overs, and simply have a little fun. So without further ado, here are our traditional Thanksgiving cartoons, to remind us all to have a little fun and enjoy a great holiday [...]

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Whatever Happened To The Man With The Golden Voice?

01.20.12 | Miscellaneous | team

Many of you remember the big news sensation that was Ted Williams last year. For those of you who don’t, Williams was a homeless man with an amazing voice who got discovered thanks to the power of the internet, and went on to land some big voice over jobs.

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