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Looking for work? What VO artist isn’t?

02.25.15 | Education | team

Todays blog is short and sweet. One of our success story students has had some luck on a certain site for VO artists and any helpful hints we voice actors can get are more than welcome!!! Check it out-I know I have. The setup takes some time as you want to be sure to showcase [...]

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Be your own Valentine…

02.11.15 | Education | team

For any of you voice actors out there not sure of how to get started marketing once you have your demo in hand, here is a comprehensive list of associations and affiliates that can help any voice actor, seasoned or otherwise procure employment and everlasting networking relationships. Be your own Valentine this February and take [...]

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Marketing from the Master

01.28.15 | Education | team

For any of you voice actors out there looking to get your VO career into over drive-heed these words wisely and have a blast. From our very own Warren Garling-Marketing Guru Extraordinaire!!! Even some of the best and most confident-sounding voices in the voice acting business struggled with marketing themselves at first. It’s natural. You’re [...]

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Blog and Podcast Unite!!!

12.03.14 | Education | team

Voicebox1 professional, Denis Couture joins Chris Scharling and Warren Garling for our weekly podcast this Friday, be sure to check it out!!! In tandem with the weekly podcast, I wanted to use the blog this week to showcase Voicebox1 with whom we have working relationship with that aids voice actors in their search for paying [...]

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The Voice Coaches Blog/Podcast Crossover!

05.26.10 | Education | team

You might be asking yourself, “Why is there a Gatorade commercial posted here with absolutely no voice overs in it when this is a blog about voice overs?”

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There’s An App For That

12.11.09 | Education | team

If there’s one thing that having an iPhone in my pocket has taught me, it’s that the future is never very far away.

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Stuffed With Ideas!

11.23.09 | Education | team

It’s a short week here at Voice Coaches due to the Thanksgiving holiday, however, I wanted to leave you with something to keep you warm over the weekend besides turkey and stuffing, so today I’m going to share a little Thanksgiving humor, some motivational thoughts, and a little bit of news as well. First off, [...]

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Don’t Be A Crazy Wrestler

09.30.09 | Effective Marketing | team

A couple of days ago as I was driving in to the office, I passed a bunch of road signs for candidates in the recent local elections. These are the elections for positions such as county legislator, sheriff, town board, town clerk, etc. Frankly, I think a lot of people tend to ignore these elections, [...]

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Thank You Everyone!

05.03.09 | Education | David Bourgeois

Technology + You= Opportunity , Voice Coaches 2009 Advanced Marketing Expo, came to a close last night at 5:15pm. With attendance close to 200, this event was a tremendous and empowering success. Attendees from across the US and Canada joined some of the most influential professionals in our industry for a day-long series of presentations, [...]

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Voice Coaches Expo Is ON!!!

05.02.09 | Education | David Bourgeois

Today, the Voice Coaches Advanced Marketing Expo is happening in Schenectady NY with attendees and experts from across the US and Canada. Nearly 200 voice professionals were in attendance as Voice Coaches President David Bourgeois kicked off the event this morning. Marketing and Communication Expert Jay Silverman spoke about personal traits in effective marketing. The [...]

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Busy Week!

04.28.09 | Education | David Bourgeois

Well, there won’t be a lot of downtime for anyone at Voice Coaches this week. That’s because on Saturday May 2nd, we will host our third annual Advanced Marketing Expo at the GE Theater, right here in Schenectady. With more than 150 attendees and guests expected from as far away as Alaska, New Mexico, Georgia, [...]

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The Good Ole CD

09.23.08 | Education | David Bourgeois

Why a CD Demo Is A Critical Component For Building Success Here is a question that I hear from time to time, typically from an individual new to our field… Do I really need a CD demo or can i just email my demo as an mp3? As technology and the availability of technology has [...]

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Great Response!

05.08.08 | Education | David Bourgeois

Nearly a week after our second Advanced Self marketing Expo wrapped up, we are still receiving an enormous amount of feedback about the event. Below are some excerpts of emails and correspondence we have received. Thanks, David. What a terrific event! I got what I came for  a renewed sense of excitement, enthusiasm and [...]

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Winding Down!!

05.03.08 | Education | David Bourgeois

After several months of planning, we have just wrapped up our second Advanced Marketing Expo near our home base in Schenectady New York. The afternoon brought our attendees face to face with Voice Over Super Agent Billy Serow and famed Voice Actor Rodney Saulsberry. Our expert panel concluded the event featuring Q&A with Voice Pro [...]

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Lunch Break!

05.03.08 | Education | David Bourgeois

After A Great Morning More than 120 Voice Actors from across the US and Canada began this morning hearing from Voice Coaches Founder David Bourgeis, and the company’s marketing expert Jay Silverman. Silverman shared the 13 RE’s of Voice Acting…REsearch, REvive, REwrite, REcap, REview, REalize, REmind, REach Out, REevaluate, REpay, REexamine, REconnect, REcall. Next, Leading [...]

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Here We Go!!

05.02.08 | Education | David Bourgeois

Marketing Expo ’08 Kicks Off Tonight! After months of planning, our second annual Self Marketing Expo begins this evening with a VIP mixer in the gallery above where tomorrow’s events will be held. In addition to early registrants, we expect celebrities including Voice Over legend Rodney Saulsberry, Television Star John James, Voices.com Founders David and [...]

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Marketing Expo 2008

04.11.08 | Education | David Bourgeois

Here We Go! I am delighted to announce that Voice Coaches, in association with the GE Theater in Schenectady, will present our second annual “Advanced Self Marketing Expo” on Saturday, May 3rd. This year’s event will feature speakers and industry pros from coast to coast, including Voice Pro and Author Rodney Saulsberry, Super Agent Billy [...]

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Volunteering Your Voice

04.01.08 | Education | David Bourgeois

…When The Time Is Right There is no question that volunteering to assist a cause or a individual in need, can be a worthwhile gesture that will repay itself in the benefit you provide and the pleasure you feel in doing it. There are, however, occasions when volunteering can be unrealistic and actually not beneficial [...]

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The Break-In Mentality

03.08.08 | Education | David Bourgeois

Respect our industry Voice Acting is a business. It is a business in which professionals count on other professionals to provide a service that requires knowledge and skill. These days however, it seems as though there is a lot of banter in the training community about “Breaking In” to our field. The folks who ply [...]

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A New Resource

12.19.07 | Education | David Bourgeois

After participating in many blogs and podcasts, and after continued encouragement from our clients, we have decided to create an ongoing blog as a regular component of voicecoaches.com. Our idea is to present relative information on training, effective marketing, and other issues that will benefit our friends and colleagues. Our blog will also be an [...]

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