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Ice Cream, BBQ’s and Networking…Oh My!!!

Posted 1:53 pm by team

Happy Wednesday Bloggers!!! Today is a video blog, I have been doing those lately and am super excited for your feedback. I promise!!! ;)

Many of our students have called this week to discuss how they can rev up their Summer marketing potential as a voice actor. My answer to that is seen in the Vlog below. Take a listen and be sure to let us know how the Vlog works for you.

PS. Is anyone else giddy that it is Sprummer…in case you missed it, Spring were those few days of rain last week and we are in full on Summer 80 degrees of delight!!! Get out there and move those buns (and I am not talking hamburger buns)-get your networking juices flowing!!!

Ice Cream, BBQ’s and Networking



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