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Take that leap into the unknown…

Posted 6:31 pm by team

This week I am taking on the very dreaded task of learning how to use Protools…EEEK-don’t all run from the room at once! I am excited to take on this facet of the VO world and piggyback on my producing skills but with that said the insecurities and nerves run amuck. I find myself in the same boat a lot of our students are in-wanting to take a bigger bite out of the field but not knowing how to take that first step and then when you do, how do you learn to become proficient and hold your own against the studios and their production values?

I should listen to what I tell students and rip a page from our own book: breathe, dive in and be grateful that you are one of the lucky ones; one of those people who did not let fear hold them back but instead used it to motivate themselves. Technology to me is like a yummy peach; it looks appealing but if I chomp into it, my throat closes up because I am allergic. I have a love hate relationship with technology because I see its overwhelming value in the field currently but also struggle with the know-how to feel proficient. My mothers old adage, “Fake it til you make it”, seems applicable but then who am I cheating…myself :( Sooooo, I am pulling up my boots and wading into the vast unknown. D-day is upon me…I shall check in next week, that is if I survive Techdom. HELP!!!

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