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Survival of the Fittest…

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If you tuned in to read the blog last week, I HAVE SURVIVED TECHDOM!!!! Pro Tools did not break me butttt I sure am sore ;) What did I learn? I learned that I have so much more to learn, HA! However, that fact alone arms me against what is next.

I had thought that Pro Tools would be a bit of a black hole for someone such as myself, lets be kind and call me a novice (it’s more like Pro Tools for Dummies). It has so many functionalities that can be overwhelming and you then ask, “What do I tackle first?”. But, I am here to say, there IS hope and if I can do it (and I successfully recorded 2 sessions) you can as well, IF that is what you so desire. Once you break down your goals into manageable and tactile pieces, the rest really does follow suit.

What will be the crux of my tutelage? Terminology!!! I took the BUS to the BOMB FACTORY to BOUNCE A DISK and reached my BREAKPOINT. Funny sentence eh? All those B’s believe it or not are Pro Tools terms that I encountered in my first recording sessions.

How can you have fun with Pro Tools? Well if that alliterative sentence above wasn’t enough ;) Pro Tools offers any layman or techie alike the opportunity to be creative. You can build hip hop beats from scratch, use plug-ins for altering voice tonality, play with auto tuning or if you’re like me, practice by recording yourself chat about your fave shows like Days of Our Lives and Golden Girls (yes, I know!!! I’m 30 going on 70). Whatever your passion is, Pro Tools can be that playground for creativity to come to life. From a VO standpoint, the more you know about how to run a session, what goes into a great recording, what a pop screen is and mic placement-the list goes on and on; the more valuable you will be as the talent as it will inform your performance-whether it be consciously or subconsciously.

Next goal: Getting past the basics…Editing on Pro Tools-HERE I COME!!!

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