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Spring Fever!!!

Posted 4:03 pm by team

Be honest, is anyone else twitter-pated? And don’t all of you rush to your phones to check your twitter feed, this is the old school Spring fever. The oh my gosh here’s the sun, hooray for warmth, when can I go to the beach, where are my shorts at type of twitter-pated. This is the perfect time of year to dust of those demo cds, grab your press kits and hit the pavement. Taking a stroll to the park with your beau? Bring your demo discs. Canoodling at your local ice cream shop? Bring your business cards. Keeping these things on hand at all times is always the best way to go as you never know what new opportunities await you in the Spring season. An awesome article about branding and getting your name out there was posted on our Facebook page today, I recommend giving it a read as it really keys into the importance of timing in the field as well as branding. This is the season of rebirth, new birth and of course frolicking in the sun!!! Use these sunny days as impetus to get your name and brand out there.



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