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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Looking for work? What VO artist isn’t?

02.25.15 | Education | team

Todays blog is short and sweet. One of our success story students has had some luck on a certain site for VO artists and any helpful hints we voice actors can get are more than welcome!!! Check it out-I know I have. The setup takes some time as you want to be sure to showcase [...]

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Be your own Valentine…

02.11.15 | Education | team

For any of you voice actors out there not sure of how to get started marketing once you have your demo in hand, here is a comprehensive list of associations and affiliates that can help any voice actor, seasoned or otherwise procure employment and everlasting networking relationships. Be your own Valentine this February and take [...]

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The Superbowl of Voice Acting-”Hut, Hut, Hike!!!”

02.04.15 | Miscellaneous | team

Whether you watched the game for the heart stopping action on the field or for the artery clogging snacks that always follow-the real show is all of the commercials during the broadcast, right? For the purposes of the blog entry today, I made sure to watch all commercials that were shown throughout the big game [...]

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