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For any of you voice actors out there looking to get your VO career into over drive-heed these words wisely and have a blast. From our very own Warren Garling-Marketing Guru Extraordinaire!!!

Even some of the best and most confident-sounding voices in the voice acting business struggled with marketing themselves at first. It’s natural. You’re taught to be humble, but you now need to convince people you’re good at this! It’s the part of your new business that will probably be the most challenging. To be honest, it’s most often what separates some very fine talent from finding success. So how do you meet this challenge? Where do you start?


The answer is right in front of you. Start by sharing the good news about your new business with everyone you already know and come in contact with regularly. Many of these same folks have been telling you for years you have a great voice, and now you’ve taken the steps necessary to put it to good use, so don’t be afraid to ask them to be your eyes and ears for possible work. Play your demo tracks for them so they know what you’re capable of. Referral work is always the best, so start your word-of-mouth marketing first.


Continuing on that theme, there’s nothing better than one-to-one networking. You may have to step a bit outside your comfort zone for this type of marketing, but it often reaps the best results. Business-to-business (B2B) marketing is as easy as attending B2B mixers offered by your local Chambers of Commerce, Ad Club or business newspaper. Admission fees are always reasonable and you don’t have to join the organization to attend. It won’t take long before you’re striking up conversations with other interesting business people who may need your talent or who know other businesses that might. Many times, you’re the only voice actor in the room! What an opportunity to tell the story of why you’re pursuing such an interesting career.


Of course, these are just the basics – a good starting point. A successful marketing plan should also include attention to branding (see my associate Kiki’s recent post), social media, traditional media, good studio etiquette (which can mean regular repeat work) and a lot more. For some regular help with your marketing plan, check out our weekly podcast, the award-winning Voice Coaches Radio. There are more than 280 episodes from the past five years that will keep you thinking, “I know I can do this!” Good luck.

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