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I’m late. I’m late, for a very important date!!!

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In the immortal words of Marilyn Monroe: “I’ve been on a calendar, but I’ve never been on time.”

Perhaps a legend like a Marilyn Monroe can get away with that type of mentality, however for us “no name” voice actors out there just trying to get a job, we don’t have that luxury. For us, time is money and every moment counts.

From a voice actor’s standpoint, always try to be 15 minutes early to any job; that not only shows that you can be punctual but it also shows that you have a respect for their time and the understanding that their professional time is valuable. I know it may sound tedious but a couple of a really good hints/tips for being on time for any job are firstly- find the venue prior to the job, make sure you know exactly where it is, know where to park, know where the entrance is, also know how long your commute takes to get there- that way you’re not arriving at an appointment or at a job even one minute late- you should be nothing if not early.

The voice-acting field can be very insular. Meaning-generally once a voice actor is hired for a job by a vendor, that vendor goes to them consistently for work. The rationale being that they can be depended on, were timely and got the job done faster and cheaper than any other voice actor. What this means for us newbies? It means to stand out you must be early, under budget and over prepared-never late or unprepared. As a general rule here in the studio, if we have a student or client arrive even one minute late for a class or an appointment or a voice over spot, we will not typically hire them again. If you do not take the job seriously enough to be punctual-why should the venue then take you seriously and subsequently hire you again?

The New Year brings with it the chance to reinvent oneself-make choices that elevate you to where you want to be and shapes who you want to be in this world. For the new voice actor out there be sure that timeliness is your top priority-it speaks volumes to any studio employer. Now go out there and get the work and be sure not to be late for that very important date ;)

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