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Many new voice actors inquire about setting up their own in-home recording system. Many times this cuts down on the in studio costs and gives the voice actor a sense of control in an industry that at many times feels out of reach. For any of our DIY voice actors out there, I asked our expert engineer Tort (Brett Portzer to you loving fans) and he gave me some great hints for getting that winning recording at home and in the studio. Enjoy!!!

Keep it simple. From an engineering perspective, recording VO material doesn’t need to be complicated.

  • Don’t record too hot, you can never remove distortion.
  • Be organized, name your files in a way that makes sense.
  • If you are recording with someone else, make sure they have a copy of your script.
  • Format your scripts before you print them in such a way as to not have to turn the page mid sentence.
  • Compare, listen to other material that is similar to yours, someone with a similar voice, and adjust your approach until you are in the ballpark.
  • Keep your edits clean, and detailed.
  • Spend some time seeing what effect different approaches to fades and room tone can have on your finished product.
  • Don’t EQ too much broad strokes are often best.

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