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Blog and Podcast Unite!!!

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Voicebox1 professional, Denis Couture joins Chris Scharling and Warren Garling for our weekly podcast this Friday, be sure to check it out!!! In tandem with the weekly podcast, I wanted to use the blog this week to showcase Voicebox1 with whom we have working relationship with that aids voice actors in their search for paying work.

What is Voicebox1? The company is a resource for certified voice talent. They are the only online voice talent database that requires its talent to undergo a professional voice evaluation before being eligible to participate on their site as a voice talent. The result of a successful evaluation is “certification” by Voicebox1. Essentially you can post your demo on their site and have access to a wealth of voice acting gigs. The upside being the knowledge that your demo is certified “professional” along with the accessibility of working relationships at your fingertips.

I have worked with Voices123 in the past and while it is a great place to post my demo and scroll through potential jobs, I always am remiss that I am a little fish in a big pond; anyone with a phone capable of recording a voice sample is able to call him or herself a “Voice Actor”. Voicebox1 eliminates that mindset and creates a professional atmosphere to post your demo. When an employer is looking for talent, they KNOW a demo on Voicebox1 is professionally recorded and the talent is up for the demands in the booth.

I am always looking for an experience that pushes me and encourages growth in my field of voice acting and what Voicebox1 delivers is honest and credible feedback on the professionalism of the demo. Meaning, if your demo is deemed “not professional” by their standards, they do not merely leave it at that. If for any reason an applicant does not meet membership criteria, feedback will be provided and they always invite you to reapply after the issues on the demo have been addressed.

Marketing is a self-driven task and any working Voice Actor or as I call myself a Voice Actor in the search of work, knows how hard it can be to find not only work but also credible avenues to find that golden ticket.

Be sure to listen to the podcast for the full skinny on what Voicebox1 does and how they can help you pursue your career in the Voice Over Arts. Until next week readers-Christy P. signing off ☺

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