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Beloved Voice Actor-A Tribute

12.31.14 | Miscellaneous | team

Christine Cavanaugh, in my opinion, is a voice over goddess and legend. She has voiced many of our classic and most beloved animated characters including Babe (the pig), Rugrats alum Chuckie and Dexter of Dexter’s Laboratory to name a few. The news of her passing saddens me as a fellow voice actor but I do [...]

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Take Two: A second look at Voice Acting

12.17.14 | Education | team

Enjoy the humor and realism that our amazing team member Chris Scharling has to offer. What can’t this guy do? Enjoy his thoughts: It’s occurred to me recently that a lot can be gained by teaching my students what I need from them as a producer. If you understand your job as a voice actor, [...]

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Tis the season for Branding!

12.10.14 | Miscellaneous | team

When Christy first approached me about writing a blog about design my first instinct was to back away slowly and run in the opposite direction! The idea was exciting but also nerve racking. How can I pack into a few paragraphs the importance and awesomeness of a good design? So after a lot of thought, [...]

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Blog and Podcast Unite!!!

12.03.14 | Education | team

Voicebox1 professional, Denis Couture joins Chris Scharling and Warren Garling for our weekly podcast this Friday, be sure to check it out!!! In tandem with the weekly podcast, I wanted to use the blog this week to showcase Voicebox1 with whom we have working relationship with that aids voice actors in their search for paying [...]

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