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The Pre-New Year Resolution

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Procrastination is the ugly step cousin of success. It’s that member of the family reunion we know comes every year and we maintain our love/hate relationship with them throughout. To any new voice actor or any voice actor for that matter, procrastination can be a slow and painful death.

I am reminded of the contrite adage “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today” and to that I say, thanks a lot Benjamin Franklin!!! It’s easy to talk the talk but can you walk the walk? Then on closer inspection you notice the long list of accomplishments Mr. Franklin has accrued and one wonders, is it just that easy? Nike would tout “Just Do It” and again the pressure mounts.

I notice in the field regularly that the desire to push off what we need to do today to become successful is more out of fear of the unknown than it is any real stronghold in the land of procrastination. What is that first step?

Why wait until the New Year to dive in and get the career moving? What not you? Why not now?

Today I asked my cohorts for counsel as I have many times. What are the top five things any voice actor can do today, right this very moment, that will make them one step closer to their goals? This of course is not the juggernaut end all be all of voice acting principals; it is merely a jumping off point for any voice actor looking to step out of the mundane and into a New Year filled with opportunity.

Take the steps needed to make any resolution that more resolute. “Just Do It!”

1). Update your contact list-everyone in your sphere should know you are a Voice Actor

2). Send out press kits- Get those demos dusted off and send 50 out today

3). Practice-Not only does practice make perfect, it also infuses your desire to succeed

4). Set up your business model-Even if you merely post your demo on FB-get exposure-put yourself out there

5). Remove your distractions-Life doesn’t wait for you-prioritize the tasks needed to be done and then dive in and do them!!

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