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This Is Halloween

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In preparation for this spook-tacular weekend upon us, if you are anything like me, as any Halloween buff would be, you are proudly playing the sound track of Nightmare Before Christmas.

There is no greater moment than the present to declare myself a Tim Burton fanatic. More to the point, his fanciful journeys into “Halloweentown” endeared him to me from the first time I watched this pic.

Is it the claymation? Is it the language? Is it the exquisite beauty of the sadness I see before me? Silly goblins!!! It was the voice acting of course muahahahaha!

From paper to screen the entire project took roughly 3 years. With painstaking claymation, the main character of Jack “The Pumpkin King” had over 400 separate jaw pieces, to emulate each line flawlessly as the voice artist and clay artist danced the magic dance of the dead. Sally, Jacks’ main love interest, had over ten different masks that were applied to her figure in order to showcase her odd vocal expressions throughout the movie.

The artistry in this film required for any voice actor could have been a ghoulish task but instead the outcome exquisite anddddd the profit margin for voice actors growing bewitchingly by the season. By 2005 both Playstation and Xbox had their devil horns locked on the gaming version of this wicked tale.

It doesn’t take a mad scientist to figure out that the anime and video gaming world is ablaze with opportunity if the voice actor is brave enough to enter. In the case of my Halloween fave the opportunity was as bright as a Jack-O-Lantern and as sweet as any devilish trick or treat!!!

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