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Voice Overs of the World: The Annual Super Bowl Wrap-Up

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Every year, right after the Super Bowl, we do a wrap-up discussing some of the most memorable commercials of the big game and their use of voice overs. So without further ado, here are some of this year’s highlights!

Let’s go ahead and get the car commercials out of the way. This year, Jeep offered up a heartfelt, patriotic ad, while Chevy Silverado took a more humorous approach with a romantic cow. Maserati showed up for the first time, with an extended voice over by Beasts of the Southern Wild‘s Oscar-nominated young actress Quvenzhan√© Wallis. And finally, Chrysler showed up with an unusual and unexpected voice actor… Bob Dylan! Check them out below!

Next up we have a McDonald’s commercial from the guys at BadLipReading.com. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, it’s basically a group of people who take popular movie trailers, commercials, sporting events, etc., and lip-read over them. It usually results in some pretty nonsensical dialogue, but they can be very funny. And hey, it’s a different way of ending up in a Super Bowl commercial as a voice actor!

John C. Reilly contributed his voice to a very funny TurboTax commercial (and he raises some good points about the Super Bowl!) He does a great job of conveying the overall humor and tone of the piece.

Cure.com car insurance offered up two short 15-second spots that are all voice over. These funny commercials parody the two most-talked about athletes in the game: Peyton Manning and Richard Sherman. Short, fun, and effective!

Popular jewelry company Alex and Ani debuted their first Super Bowl commercial last night, with this VO-infused “Main Street” ad that invokes a sense of patriotism, character, and mood.

We’ll wrap things up with my favorite voice over of the night, from the Microsoft commercial. In it, Steve Gleason, a former NFL player now suffering from ALS, uses his assistive technology to provide a voice over, even though he’s lost his voice from the disease. I found this spot moving, powerful, and inspiring, and I love that Microsoft let Gleason voice the ad himself rather than substituting a traditional voice actor. Well done, Microsoft and Steve!

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