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Voice Overs of the Word: 49ers Vs. Seahawks

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Even though the NFC Championship Game has come to a close and Voice Coaches’ Director of Communications Mike Spring’s beloved 49ers did not emerge the victors, there’s another “battle” between the two teams right now: this one in the world of voice overs.

Both teams have players in new commercials for Duracell. The Seahawks’ Derrick Coleman appears in one commercial and provides the voice over, while the 49ers Patrick Willis appears in the other, and also provides the voice over.

What’s most interesting about these spots is that Derrick Coleman is the first deaf player in the NFL. And while he’s not the first deaf person to perform a voice over, it certainly isn’t commonplace.

Both commercials are inspiring, overcome-the-odds pieces, and they’re both outstanding. Congrats to both teams, who come up winners here!

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