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VO Behind-The-Scenes: Rise of the Guardians

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One of the biggest hit films of the holiday season was the animated adventure Rise of the Guardians. Featuring an all-star cast, the film tells the story of a group of legends (such as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, and Jack Frost) who team up to stop the boogieman. With the movie hitting home video on March 12th, we thought it was the perfect time to show you what it was like behind the scenes!

In the first clip, above, we get to see some really amazing footage of the cast recording their voices. It’s really impressive to see how some of them can read the same line of dialogue five times and make it sound completely different every time. It’s also interesting to see the director standing in the booth with the talent in some instances, rather than talking to them through headphones.

Next up, we have an interview with Hugh Jackman, who plays the Easter Bunny. He clearly enjoyed making the film, and shares his thought son the character as well as the rest of the cast.

Chris Pine discusses his character, Jack Frost. Best known for playing Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek movies, Pine talks about his character and what drives him.

Jude Law portrays the film’s villain, Pitch. I could listen to Jude Law talk all day long, so it’s very cool to hear him discuss playing a villain, which is a bit of a change for him.

And finally, Isla Fisher talks about playing the Tooth Fairy. She’s so bubbly and upbeat in real life, so it’s no surprise she was chosen to play the Tooth Fairy.

What do you think? Who was your favorite character in Rise of the Guardians?

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