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Voice Overs of the World: Super Bowl 2013 Wrap-Up

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As has become an annual tradition here at the Voice Coaches Blog, it’s time for our post-Super Bowl wrap-up! So read on to see what we thought of some of the best ads to make great use of voice overs during the big game!

First up, we have the ubiquitous E*trade talking baby ad. These ads have become a staple of television viewing, and the debut of new commercials in the campaign has become synonymous with the Super Bowl. As always, the voice over is top-notch.

Next up, we have a humorous ad from Skechers that parodies the classic nature/animal video. Notice the hushed tones, the accent, and the general style of delivery that makes this sound like a real National Geographic-type program. Of course, then things get silly, but that’s half the fun!

And then we take a turn to the serious for a few commercials. First up was Oprah Winfrey’s two-minute Jeep commercial which featured a tribute to the American troops who are serving abroad. Oprah does a lot of voice over work, narrating television shows as well as doing a lot of VO work for her own network. She does a stellar job here, and the spot is a really affecting one.

Continuing with the more serious spots, we have a Dodge Trucks ad featuring a recording of the late Paul Harvey. While this isn’t a true voice over in terms of being newly recorded for this ad, the spot is so well done overall that I had to include it here. Harvey’s dialogue on farmers combined with the spectacular imagery makes for a really memorable two-minute ad.

And then, of course, you have to have at least one ad that really turns up the knob on “uplifting,” and this year it was American Family Insurance, who ran a spot called “Long Live the Dreamers.” Starting off with Phillip Phillips’ juggernaut of a hit single, “Home,” the voice over then comes in and talks about living your dreams, all delivered in a tone that makes you want to go out and do just that.

Moving back to the humorous side of things, Lincoln enlisted Jimmy Fallon and the users of Twitter to craft their “Steer the Script” ad. Featuring plot elements that came right from actual tweets submitted by Lincoln’s followers, the story has a little bit of everything in it. What impresses me is how Jimmy Fallon’s voice over doesn’t really sound like him. He definitely approaches it in a way that plays up the romantic nature of the ad rather than the humorous. On first listen, if you didn’t know it was him, I doubt you’d ever guess it was.

And speaking of Lincoln, they returned with a second ad featuring their new Lincoln Phoenix car. And while the voice over isn’t particularly unusual or innovative, it is a really great VO that captures the mood and tone of the ad perfectly. Say what you want about car commercials, but they do feature some really great VO work in general.

Finally, we’ll wrap things up with NAPA’s “Know How” commercial, which features Patrick Warburton as a talking can of official NAPA know how. It’s a pretty funny ad overall, made all the better when they bring out the NAPA Know-It-All, which features a slightly… different voice. Fun stuff!!

Which was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

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