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VO Behind-The-Scenes: Wreck-It Ralph

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One of last year’s biggest hit films was Wreck-It Ralph, the story of a video game villain who wants to become a hero. With the film about to hit home video in a couple of weeks, we thought it would be cool to share some great behind-the-scenes videos with you!

The first video (above) is kind of your general “meet the cast” presentation. It gives you a nice look at who’s playing who and what the characters are all about. There’s no denying what a great cast this movie has put together!

The second video is a really cool promotional video produced for the film that’s presented like a VH1 Behind the Music episode, telling the history of Wreck-It Ralph as a character, and making it seem as if it’s a short documentary program about him. I love the tone of this piece, and it’s a great way to promote the film and also a neat piece of parody filmmaking in its own right!

Finally, we have a great behind the scenes that shows most of the cast recording their roles. Not only do you get a chance to see some really talented actors at work bringing their parts to life, but it’s also interesting to see how each of them is interacting with the film’s director right there in front of them. That’s different from how most other animated films are recorded, and it goes to show how hands-on director Rich Moore was, which is probably part of why the film has such great voice acting!

Who was your favorite voice actor in Wreck-It Ralph?

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