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Voice Overs of the World: Returning Favorites

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This week, there are some great new voice-over driven ads that see the returning of a few familiar faces. Read on to see who’s returning to the airwaves.

The first ad (above) is a great new spot for Disney/Pixar’s upcoming prequel to Monsters Inc., Monsters University. What’s great about this ad is that — rather than rely on its famous voice cast — it uses an unknown voice actor to craft what seems like a convincingly real advertisement for a real university. While it becomes clear by the end that this isn’t an actual school, there’s no denying that the ad truly captures the feel of a real college commercial. It’s a great spot for what is sure to be a great movie.

The next commercial is a new Geico spot featuring Maxwell the talking pig, who eschews his usual “wheeeee” lines for some actual dialogue this time around. In this ad, he has a full conversation with a stewardess, and the spot ends on a pretty funny joke. I love that this little pig who cried all the way home has become a new character for Geico (and I’m sure the voice actor getting paid to voice him loves it, too!)

Finally, we have a new commercial for Google+ Hangouts, featuring the animated cast of Wallace & Gromit. The main voice here is the ubiquitous Wallace, who drives the spot, but there are a number of lines by other voice actors as well. Aardman Animation always has great voice overs to match their top-notch animation, and this commercial is no different.

What do you think? Seen any great returning favorites in the voice over world lately?

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