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Voice Overs of the World: Wacky Voices

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Every once in a while, you notice a little micro trend in voice overs, and this week, three VO-driven ads caught my eye that would best be described as “wacky.”

In the first spot (above) for StubHub, the “Ticket Oak” discovers that his owner has slaughtered one of his “relatives” to be used as a Christmas tree. What ensues is the Ticket Oak basically flying into sobbing/screaming hysterics. I can only imagine what the voice over session for this commercial must have been like, but I bet it was a lot of fun!

The next spot is for Mammoth Modern Insulation, and it features a hoity-toity cat who is, well, pretty much judging everyone around him. With a comically over-ripe Russian accent and the melodramatic music, there’s no denying that this voice over is a bit on the wacky side, although it is pretty clever. And kudos to the voice actor behind Prince Nikolai Stroganoff, who sells imperial Russian arrogance with aplomb!

And finally, we have spot for Sky Cable featuring none other than Father Time himself. Like the imperial cat above, the Father Time voice goes for an overly dramatic yet humorous approach to sell the idea of father time being knocked out of sorts by time-shifting DVRs. Again, I like to think about the fun recording session this must have been, and how the voice actor really got to play with a character, rather than just reading a traditional script.

What do you think? What’s your favorite wacky VO lately?

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