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Voice Overs Of The World: Go For The Gold!

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With the 2012 Olympics upon us, there seemed no better time than now to share some of the best voice overs of the Olympics so far! While the Super Bowl gets all the attention for the year’s newest commercials, the Olympics are also something of a cottage industry for advertising, with more and more Olympics-themed ads every time the games come around. Here, we share a few of our favorites so far this year.

The first ad (above) from Nike is one of a series of ads with the “Find Your Greatness” theme; there are actually over a dozen ads in this campaign, almost all of which feature extensive voice over. But this one speaks about the concept of greatness at large, and not just an individual sport, and the voice over does what so many of these great Olympics commercials do so well: inspire.

The next spot is for Adidas. This commercial goes for a bit more of an edgy delivery, but there’s no doubt that that inspirational tone is right there, front and center. With the driving music and high impact imagery, this is another terrific commercial with VO at its heart.

And finally, we have one of several gold-themed Visa commercials with voice overs by none other than Morgan Freeman. While he’s done a number of these ads, we picked this one because it’s got a more whimsical approach than some of the others, yet still manages to be inspiring.

‘Nuff said! Good luck to all of our Olympians competing this year!!

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