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VO Behind The Scenes: Pixar’s Brave

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Last week, Disney/Pixar debuted Brave, which became the studio’s 13th number one opening in a row. Of course, whenever a new major animated film comes out, we like to take a look behind the scenes, so here’s a peek at how Brave was brought to life!

The first video (above) is a sort of general promo/making-of featurette, with interviews with much of the cast and crew. It gives you a nice overview of the film and the characters, plus the people who brought them to life.

The next video is really impressive, featuring in-depth interviews with most of the cast. There are some animator interviews mixed in as well, but this is a really nice glimpse into the voice actors’ approach to the film and the characterizations they created.

The final video is the film’s full trailer, so you can see all the top-notch voice talent at work!

We think Brave looks really impressive! What do the rest of you think about it?

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