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Voice Overs Of The World: Manly Men

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In today’s Voice Overs of the World, we have a couple of new commercials that celebrate manliness. Advertisers love to aim their ads at specific demographics, and the male and female demographics are always highly specialized. These ads are clearly geared right towards men, and the voice overs are a big part of that!

The first commercial (above) is for Planters’ new Nut-rition Men’s Health Mix, which is personified here by an action movie’s line-up of nuts. The voice over is performed in that movie-trailer style, with a heavy emphasis on how manly this team of assorted nuts it.

The commercial’s pretty funny overall, and there’s no denying that the ad is put together extremely well to appeal to that male demographic.

The second ad is for Newcastle Ale, which does a clever thing by showing vintage footage of old, weary miners, and having the voice over deliver an inspirational speech about “the brave souls who powered an industrial revolution,” before ending the spot by saying that, “nothing sells beer like old footage of people who had it way worse than you do.”

It’s a great tagline, and the faux-documentary style voice over fits the spot to a T.

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