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Voice Overs Of the World: Ted Williams Is The Golden Voice Of Love

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Ted Williams — The Man With the Golden Voice, is back!

Just a few weeks ago, we reported on Williams and where he is today after he went from being homeless to being internet famous last year. Well, now Kraft has him in a new internet commercial, only this time, he’s appearing on camera to talk about using his voice! Confused? Watch the video below and all will be explained.

So even though this promotion is now over, it’s pretty clever on Kraft’s part. While the ad doesn’t really feature a voice over per se, it is actually about the power of voice overs. It also utilizes Williams well as the voice talent that Kraft got so much good publicity out of when they helped out and hired him.

What I love about this ad is that Williams’ story got so much publicity that Kraft was confident enought to put him on TV and know that most people would recognize him. That really does bring some great attention to the world of voice overs, and having the “prize” of the tweeting promotion be having Williams read your tweets with that great voice of his showcases what a valuable and exciting tool voice over can be.

Ultimately, this ad is a great fusion of many things that make modern advertising so great: voice over, video, the internet, social media, and user interactivity. Nice job, Kraft!

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