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Voice Overs Of The World: Super Bowl XLVI Commercials Recap

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Well, the 2012 Super Bowl has finally come and gone, and our Director of Marketing, Warren Garling (a die-hard Giants fan!) couldn’t be happier. As always, besides a great game, though, there were the debuts of over 50 brand new commercials. So, as has become an annual tradition here at the Voice Overs of the World, we’ve selected a few of our favorite VO-driven spots to share with you here.

Since football was the reason for the event, I figured what better spot to start with than this “NFL Timeline” commercial produced by the NFL itself? This is a great ad, both visually and from a voice over standpoint. The voice that drives the commercial is perfect for the spot: gruff, unpolished, evocative of football as a whole. I really enjoyed this spot.

Next up, we have one of the most memorable spots of the evening, Chrysler’s “Halftime in America” ad, featuring a voice over by none other than Clint Eastwod. How long did it take you to figure out who was voicing it? I placed the voice in about 15-20 seconds, but I had to think about it for a bit. A great VO by Clint, and a terrific ad all around.

Of course, what would a football game be without an appearance by the E-Trade baby? This long-running line of ads features a wise-beyond-his years baby doling out advice on everything from stocks and bonds to — in this case — parenting. I thought this year’s ad was pretty funny, and as always, the VO is spot-on.

I thought this advertisement from MetLife was interesting. Not only is the spot driven by voice over, but in a way it pays homage to some classic voice over artists of the past, as we see famous cartoon characters from Charlie Brown to He-Man make their way through the ad. While we don’t get to hear any of them, would any of those cartoons be as well-loved as they are without the great voice overs that drove them?

As usual, car advertisements were one of the biggest part of the night, and this Toyota Camry ad was one of the standouts. I like their tagline of, “There are nearly seven million Camry drivers out there; every one has a story.” The voice over does a great job of carrying that mood across, too; it’s a serene, reflective voice over with just a touch of humor to it. This is another one of those ads that just works well from start to finish.

The History Channel show Swamp People took an interesting approach in their big game ad, comparing the typical office workplace to a day in the life of a gator wrangler. I like the juxtaposition of the all-business voice over language with the all-swamp visuals of the show. And, like the NFL ad above, the voice actor is perfectly cast in the role, with a gruff, tough, slightly-southern-fried approach that fits the show well.

M&M’s used the big game to introduce a new character to their roster of anthropomorphic candies: Ms. Brown. The interaction between the animated M&M’s and the live action actors make the spot fun, but it’s really the voice actors playing Red and Ms. Brown that have the most fun with their roles here. Even though they only get a few lines in the 30-second spot, they’re quite memorable.

Finally, we have a commercial from Time Warner Cable, which offers up one of the more traditional voice overs of the night. This one feature a semi-stoic male voice proclaiming how Time Warner makes everything better. The voice delivery is very much in the style of a lot of recent technology-driven ads, such as ones for Apple, IBM, and various car companies. It’s simple, straightforward, and to the point, and it works fairly well for this kind of ad.

There were a lot of ads in the Super Bowl that featured voice over in some capacity, even if just for a line or two at the end. This was just a small sampling of some of the most memorable commercials of the night that featured VO prominently. What was YOUR favorite commercial of the night?

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