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Voice Overs Of The World: More Talking Animals

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Well, if there’s one thing we love around here at the Voice Coaches Blog, it’s talking animals. Well, all right, that’s an oversimplification. To be clear, we love to see the great voice overs that ads using talking animals almost always bring around.

This month, TheShelterPetProject.org has debuted four new 30-second commercials that promote adopting shelter animals for your home, and they’ve given them a clever spin. In each ad, a dog or cat talks about human behavior that they find odd or confusing.

The spots are not only pretty funny in general, but the voice actors bring each animal to life in a unique way. What I enjoy is how well they capture the sort of semi-rambling, stream-of-thought approach, as if the animals really are trying to puzzle out exactly what’s going on in the human world.

The video above is my favorite of the four spots, with the dog talking about how his “human” is the worst hide-and-seek player ever. This one cracks me up, not just because it’s cleverly written, but also because I think the voice actor just completely nails the delivery from start to finish.

Which is your favorite spot?

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