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VO Behind The Scenes: Happy Feet 2

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A few weeks ago, Warner Brothers released Happy Feet 2, the sequel to 2006′s hit animated movie about dancing penguins. We have two great making-of videos that detail the unique process of capturing the voice overs from this very talented cast.

The first video is a making-of featurette from the studio, and it’s one of the better ones I’ve seen recently. Not only does it introduce all of the cast and the actors, but it really gives you a look at how they recorded the dialogue for the film. What’s particularly interesting here is how the director talks about (and you can see) that the entire cast recorded together, which is unusual in a production like this.

In fact, the video gives a really good glimpse of the unique “vocal booth” set-up that they created for the actors; so that they could see each other and interact, but also still capture clean dialogue. It’s very cool to see the whole process at work.

I also like that you can see how physical some of the actors get (especially Brad Pitt and Robin Williams) to get the best performances possible for their characters.

The second video gives us more of a glimpse into the recording sessions. There are some really great shots in here of six or eight voice actors recording at a time. I also like how each performer’s copy stand has a poster of their character on it for the other actors who can see them to help them visualize who they’re playing against.

It sure looks like the actors had a lot of fun making this film, doesn’t it?

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