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Voice Overs Of The Word: Animals & Other Countries

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There’s a lot of advertising being done these days that’s never seen on television, and below are two great examples of that. These ads are only viewable online, and both of them originate in other countries and heavily feature animals. (Ok, it’s a bit of a stretch, but it’s the only connecting theme I could think of today!)

The first ad is for a new mobile app called Parrot Carrot Safari. It’s based on a kid’s book, and it’s a great example of how the digital age is creating all sorts of opportunities for voice actors. If you watch the spot, you’ll see that the voice overs within the app are by a man named Kamahl. Now, Kamahl is mostly unheard of here in the States, but in his native Australia, he’s a huge star, a Perry Como-like singer that has been well loved for decades.

So the voice over in the app itself goes to a celebrity. Ah, but the advertisement for the app, well, that’s a different story! Here you have a minute-long commercial describing the app, and it’s voiced by… who? Well, I don’t know, actually, and that’s the point. It’s just a regular working voice actor, not a celebrity, doing the ad. So even when celebrities do snag VO jobs, that can often create other VO jobs for non-celebrities as a result.

This second commercial is from the Costa Rican Tourism Board and it features an animated, talking sloth. What I love about this spot is how perfectly cast the voice is. Sloths are obviously known for being lazy, hang-around animals, and the voice actor behind the sloth captures this perfectly.

It’s sort of a surfer-ish, relaxed, laid back, “chill” vibe, and it really does evoke what I would imagine a talking sloth to sound like. And again, this is a minute-and-a-half spot that’s only available to be viewed online.

I don’t know about you, but I think this internet thing’s gonna stick around, folks.

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