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Voice Overs Of The World: There’s An App For That

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In researching examples for Voice Overs of the World, I’ve come across a cool new trend that’s adding up to a lot of work for voice actors: internet tutorials about mobile apps. Here are three spots that show what I’m talking about:

Each of these three short infomercials was produced for the internet; you won’t see them on TV. The first one (above) is for Lawry’s Seafood, which introduces the “Digital Dinner Bell” app. It’s funny that both this and the Carlsberg spot below seem to be using technology (apps) to get away from technology (Twitter, Facebook, e-mail) and back to basics (social gatherings).

The voice talent takes a nice, middle-of-the-road kind of approach. His voice has a touch of class to it without sounding haughty or stuffy, and his delivery is knowing yet friendly, which keeps listeners engaged.

The Carlsberg spot (above) takes very much the same approach. Notice how in both pieces, the narrator is there largely to give instructions on how to use the apps. That’s what these kinds of short-form videos do. They appear online on various websites, rarely ever airing on television, and they are advertisements of a sort. Of course, they’re also instructional; hence the reason I referred to them earlier as infomercials. And they’re becoming something of a cottage industry.

The great thing about spots like these is that they’re produced all over, not solely in traditional A-market locales. The Carlsberg spot above, for example, was made in Belgium.

Finally, we have a spot for a new Nissan Versa app. Now, this one accomplishes largely the same thing as the first two, but takes a slightly different approach to get there. The voice over is a little more sparse and yet a lot more upbeat. The commercial spends less time explaining how to use the app and more time showing it, with the voice over used to fill in some of the gaps.

These types of infomercials are becoming more and more prevalent as apps continue to multiply exponentially. Seek out opportunities to voice an app tutorial in your area. Remember what they say say: there’s an app for that!

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