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Voice Overs Of The World: Creative Repetition

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Every once in a while we like to take on an international flavor here at the Voice Coaches Blog, so I thought we’d start off this installment of Voice Overs of the World with a commercial from Australia.

In the Coca-Cola commercial above, we learn about the new Coke promotion in Australia where you can buy semi-personalized bottles. What’s great about the commercial is that it’s made up almost entirely of the voice talent saying variations of the name, “Matt.” Now, this may sound like an easy day in the studio, but it can actually be quite challenging. I count 10 different “Matt’s” in the commercial, and while each one is subtly different in the script (Matty, Matthias, Mad Man Matt, etc.), it could still have easily been a one-note commercial if every name was delivered the same way.

Reading lists can be one of the more challenging tasks in voice overs, because you have to deliver variety in order to keep a piece from sounding boring. But how do you read the same thing 10 times and make each one sound different? Well, this commercial gives you an idea of how to do just that.

The second spot features Honda’s new voice over spokesman. He’s a pretty big celebrity. And he sounds nothing at all like himself in this commercial. I’ll tell you what. You listen to the commercial a few times and then see if you can figure out whose voice it is. Give up? I’ll tell you. At the bottom of the page. (Hey! I don’t want to ruin the fun for those people who are trying to figure it out but have good peripheral vision!)

Yep, this comedy star is now doing the voice overs for Honda, and in this first spot for the car company, he barely sounds like himself. He also has to deal with a repetitive list of sorts. While he does more than just say variations on a name, each sentence in the spot ends with the word “here.” As the whole commercial is made up of about six lines of dialogue, it would be easy again to fall into a monotonous delivery. And while this ad is clearly more formal and less casual than the Coke ad, there’s no denying that the voice actor is clearly trying to give each line its own weight and its own identity.

What do you think? How do YOU deal with reading lists in a voice over?

[Oh, and that voice over talent? It's none other than Jason Bateman!]

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