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Voice Overs Of The World: Madden 2012 + Ben Affleck = Awesome!

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Well, football season is upon us again, which means yet another new version of the popular EA Sports video game franchise, Madden 2012. This time around, the company has Ben Affleck lending his voice to a collection of incredibly well done and humorous commercials. (They’re doubly humorous if you’ve ever played Madden.)

Each of the ads has a similar theme, with Affleck playing up his Boston accent to the nth degree to talk abut the various types of annoying people you can play against: the brutal older brother, the high fiving show-off, the obnoxious loudmouth. Throughout the spots, he describes each player’s offensive behavior in detail. The combination of the well-written scripts and Affleck’s pitch-perfect deliveries makes these commercials truly fantastic.

Here’s how you know how good the voice overs are: there’s no music behind them. Listen to the commercials again, and you’ll realize that, up until the end, they rely solely on Affleck’s voice and delivery to sell the spots. I would argue that he’s so effective that adding music would actually take away from his delivery.

What do you think?

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