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Voice Overs Of The World: Keeping It Healthy

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Food and nutrition are big money items in the world of advertising, and more often than not, that equals jobs for working voice actors. Here are three food/health related ads we’ve found recently that feature prominent use of voice over.

Subway has spent the last several years building themselves up as a brand that offers a healthy alternative to fast food (remember Jared?) This new spot from them continues that trend, with a voice actor explaining just how much grease is out there in the world.

What I like about this ad are two things. First of all, I like the deadly serious (yet somehow still mildly humorous) tone the talent adopts for the beginning of the piece, conjuring images of the type of Public Service Announcement that shows doom and gloom in an effort to scare us into donating money. I also like how — halfway through the ad — the voice over changes completely. It’s still the same actor, but the style, tone, and delivery are all completely transformed as he begins to talk about how great Subway is. With a switch in the visual style as well, the VO helps make this ad a perfect compare/contrast piece, and I think it’s pretty effective.

Speaking of those fast food competitors, KFC has its own new ad running that — while not quite about health food — is certainly trying to appeal to those people who like to know what goes into their meals. This is a pretty upbeat, friendly-sounding ad. What sticks out for me in this one is how, about halfway through the ad, the voice talent suddenly addresses the on-camera talent. “No they don’t, Aaron. No they don’t,” he says, in response to the KFC “employee” on screen. It’s a particularly conversational moment in the script, and while it’s unusual for a commercial to take that approach, it works well thanks to a strong delivery.

Finally, we have a new commercial from Gatorade G Fit. This is a particularly interesting one. The VO is a distinctly unusual one. It’s clearly meant to represent the busy active lifestyle of this student athlete, and the entire VO is presented in a rapid fire, stream of consciousness, rat-a-tat-tat style. It’s certainly not what you’re used to hearing in a commercial, but I think it works really well. It grabs your attention for being different from the norm, and it also feels like it really represents the character being portrayed on screen. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I give Gatorade major kudos for trying something unique and really knowing their audience.

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